15 camping hacks that will blow your mind

Tips & tricks

There are many camping tricks that can make your camping much better than planned. All you need is a little time and creativity to turn some seemingly ordinary things into super functional items!

Before you go camping, research all the hacks that can help you. The internet offers many ideas that are inexpensive, encourage the recycling of things you no longer use and help you create a pleasant atmosphere and a great experience. We bring you a list of 15 hacks you can take advantage of on your next camping trip!

Ambient light

One of the most common ideas is to make an ambient light. All you need to make this lamp is a large bottle of water, a lamp and a ribbon. Then, tie a lighted lamp pointed at the bottle and enjoy the warmth it adds to your space. An additional idea would be to use juice instead of water for a colour that creates an even more beautiful atmosphere!

Comfortable floor

The ground on which we set up our tent when camping is very often uneven and uncomfortable. That is why walking but also sleeping in a tent can be exhausting after more than one night. That problem can be solved by placing foam floor tiles on the floor, making the space more comfortable and beautiful!

Fire starter

Given the current situation, almost every household today has a supply of hand sanitisers, which we often carry in our bags. If you ever find yourself camping and fail to light a fire, use your hand sanitiser as a fire starter

Another way you can increase the fire is to insert cotton pads dipped in wax into it. Give it a try!

Natural tick deterrent

Camping in nature cannot pass without attacks from various insects. Some of them are entirely harmless, but some still need to be looked out for. Ticks are a widespread threat to humans, as well as pets. Still, there are various ways we can protect ourselves. For example, using a combination of two cups of water, four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of organic neem oil will keep ticks away. This homemade spray can be applied to the tent, clothes, but also skin!

Take care of your zippers

Zippers on the tent can often get stuck, so it is not possible to open and close the tent. Sleeping in an open tent doesn’t sound like the most fun, so to avoid this, bring a wax candle with you to coat the zipper and make it easier to use!

Watch out for matches

Going camping without matches isn’t exactly the most brilliant idea, and lost matches don’t sound much better either. So put them in a plastic box and if you have it with you, glue the sandpaper on top of it to keep everything in one place!

Travelling spices

If you often eat a famous candy called Tic Tac, save the packaging and use it to store spices. Of course, you can also use packaging of similar products, wash it after the use and keep for your next camping trip! Another idea is to bring your spices in sealed straws.

Tree dryer

You’re trying to figure out where to put pots and pans when you wash them? Bring an old belt and a few simple hooks from home. Wrap the strap around the tree, hook the hooks and hang the pots on them to dry!

Rice, the mechanic

People often go camping by the sea, rivers and lakes. That is why there is a great chance of everyone’s nightmare becoming reality, and that’s our phone falling into the water. Since tents are mostly far from services that can help us, we need to rely on an alternative: rice! Always bring a bag of rice to put your cell phone in for at least 48 hours to get the water out of it. Of course, this does not guarantee success, but it is always worth a try!


Freeze a few bottles of water and put them in your travel refrigerator. This way, you will keep the food cold and fresh, and later you will have more than enough water to drink!

Dry clothes are the new hero

If you need an extra pillow, stuff sacks can always help! Fill them with dry clothes and seal well. Also, dry clothes can help if your boots get wet. Tuck one piece of dry clothing into each boot and leave overnight for the fabric to soak up the water!

Warm your feet

If you are one of those people whose feet freeze while sleeping, there is a creative solution for that too! Pour hot water into the bottle and place it on the bottom of your sleeping bag. You can also tuck in some dry clothes next to it to keep your body warm all night.

Keep your stuff dry

If you are going camping outside of the summer season, be prepared for humidity! The best way to avoid humidity problems is to put your clothes in garbage bags before bed and close them tightly. The solid plastic of these bags will keep your things dry and fragrant!

Food hack

One way you can make scrambled eggs even while camping is with the help of ziplock bags. Break the eggs, scramble them inside a ziplock bag, add spices, seal well and put in boiling water. Bon appetit!

A natural scented candle

If you want to create a cozy atmosphere, light up the space and make it fragrant, bring an orange with you! Cut the orange in half, eat the inside, pour in some vegetable oil and light the stalk in the middle. A candle like this will burn for hours!

These are just some super creative hacks that can make your camping an even more beautiful experience. But, of course, don’t forget to bring all the necessities for camping in the wild first, and only then try some new ideas!