4 tips on how to organise an outdoor treasure hunt for children

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How to entertain children during camping? Treasure hunting is the perfect solution, and we'll tell you why!

Camping is a fun activity and it’s no wonder that many families with children choose it as a holiday activity. However, as all parents know, children get bored quickly, so it’s wise to have a plan to keep them entertained, especially if camping lasts for several days. So keep on reading and discover how to organise the best possible treasure hunt on your next outdoor trip.

Find a camp in nature

A larger camp surrounded by nature gives you more options in creating an exciting treasure hunt. You can take advantage of paths, trees, bushes and rocks by the sea— these are perfect places for hiding treasures or clues, and children will enjoy having so many different places to look!

Draw a map

Take enough time to come up with an idea, sit down at a desk or, if you’re good enough, at a computer. Design an interesting map showing the exact path your children need to follow. On the map, mark all the places with clues or riddles that lead to the treasure. Make sure the map is made with striking colours to make it as enjoyable as possible for the children! Then, print it out so that each child gets their copy.

Choose a perfect hidden treasure

The point of this whole game is to get to the end and find the hidden treasure. That’s why you should ensure that this treasure is something that your children will like. Of course, these don’t have to be expensive gifts, but simply something they love. For example, favourite sweets, smaller toys to play with or an amusement park ticket!

Let them enjoy

At some point in the search, your children will probably be confused  and will ask you for help.. But don’t help them! It’s up to you to make a clear map that will guide them through the search. Regardless of the challenges, your children will have fun and enjoy themselves, so let them reach their goals on their own.

A treasure hunt is an excellent opportunity for your kids to have fun without you. Besides having fun, they can always learn something through this game, especially the importance of teamwork. If you’re a parent who isn’t creative enough to come up with something this cool, you can always look for campsites that offer activities such as these. For example, Camp Šimuni offers many entertaining activities for your children, and your only job is to let them enjoy themselves. Trust us; it pays off!

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