7 reasons why fall camping is the best

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Camping in the fall is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of nature and connect with it — particularly because there aren't many visitors at that time of year.

If you never went camping in the fall, we bring you seven reasons why you should try it. Of course, camping at that time of the year is different from going during the summer. Still, it has a certain special charm and many advantages, so read on and find out what they are!  

Less crowds

Camping in the summer is beautiful, but sometimes the crowds are just too big. So if you want to avoid too much noise and huge groups of people, try camping in the fall. During this period, you can enjoy the peaceful nature, listen to its sounds and not worry about finding the perfect spot for your tent!

Pleasant temperatures

Summer temperatures can sometimes be uncomfortable, right? One of the main benefits of camping in the fall is that the sun is not so strong, so you will not wake up sweaty in your tent. On the other hand, if you go camping in the fall and the temperatures are getting lower, you can always warm up quickly in a good sleeping bag!

Lower prices

In most cases, with the end of the summer season, the prices of tourist offers start going down. The same goes for campsites. So instead of always aiming for summer, try autumn camping and take advantage of lower bungalow prices to enjoy with your friends or family.

Nature’s beauty

Is there a more admirable scene than a forest in the fall? Red, yellow and brown leaves falling on the forest path, tiny animals searching for food, birds chirping, and a cool autumn breeze. Sounds like a fairy tale? Sounds more like autumn camping that you have to try!


Fall camping brings many activities. One of the most interesting ones is bird watching. During this period, many birds fly south, and that’s the perfect opportunity to see various species that we usually rarely get to see. If you go camping in the fall with kids, carving pumpkins or collecting leaves can also be fun activities!

National parks

While you are on your fall camping, don’t miss the beauty of national parks. National and nature parks don’t have as many visitors during this period, leaving the impression of perfect stillness and intact beauty. Also, tickets are cheaper!

Available mobile homes

If you have already experienced summer camping, then you know for sure that you always have to book on time, whether it is a place for a tent or a mobile home. One of the main advantages of autumn camping is that it is easier to get the desired date because the number of visitors is much smaller. So you don’t have to plan camping for months and hope everything will be okay. Quite the opposite — autumn camping can be a great decision for spontaneous arrangements.

If you haven’t already tried fall camping, what are you waiting for? Find a place you want to visit, book accommodation, prepare extra-warm clothes and enjoy the beauties that only autumn can offer you!

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