Millennials are a unique generation, just like any other, so we bring you the main reasons they love to camp and spend time in nature!

Each generation has its unique characteristics, and what’s associated with millennials, among many other things, are camping and various forms of spending time in nature. Camping is becoming more and more popular among this generation, so here are some of the main reasons that millenials look to nature to find an escape from reality.

Enjoying the circle of loved ones

Compared to the younger generations, millennials are somewhat less attached to technology and value hanging out with the people they love in person. Also, many millennials claim that having kids is making their desire for camping grow. They consider it a perfect form of travel and vacation for them and the children. Research shows that almost half of millennials who go camping take their children with them! In addition to children, millennials like to camp with larger groups of friends, and spend some quality time playing board games, talking about various topics and simply enjoying the company of people dearest to them.

Enjoying the outdoors

One of the main reasons millennials love camping is their love of nature. Except for the opportunity to hang out, going to nature serves them to escape reality and everyday tasks. Millennials are the most common group to visit national parks, enjoy wild river rafting, or dare to zip line. For them, spending time in nature is a stress relief, which comes as no surprise considering the fast paced lifestyle they lead today. Although they love to spend time in nature, most millennials sleep in mobile homes and bungalows, rather than in tents.

Life on social networks

Although they haven’t connected with technology to the same extent as newer generations, many millennials bring some form of technology on their travels and camping trips. They like to capture beautiful moments and share them on social networks. Fortunately for them, today’s campsites are mostly equipped with WiFi. The increase in interest in camping is certainly related to the promotion on social networks by millennials. You know that moment when you’re on Instagram and see photos of the perfect lake and forest posted by your friend? it makes you want to visit the place right away! In this way, millennials significantly influence camping’s rise in popularity. However, although they’re used to using technology daily, millennials are still a generation that knows how to enjoy the moment and the people around them!

Camping on four wheels

Millennials also make the majority of those who decide to remodel an old van or camper and go camping all over the country — or even the world. They choose to make their wishes come true; they are not afraid of risk and failure. That’s why they very easily decide to spend part of their camping in a van, exploring nature, culture, and the world around them. As we pointed out in the first part, millennials love to camp with families, so it’s no wonder some of them spend their van trip with the kids! In addition, millennials like to camp on camping pitches, which is very convenient if you travel in a vehicle.


For those who don’t know, glamping combines glamor and camping. This concept is designed for all those who want to camp but are bothered by the “uncomfortable” sides of the experience. Glamping is exactly what attracts a large number of millennials — the feeling of being in nature, yet enjoying some form of luxury! In the last few years, the demand for glamping has grown significantly, and you can find locations for enjoying this type of camping all over Croatia. In addition, glamping accommodations are often considered an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional hotels and other private accommodations.

Nature and health

Among millennials, there are many people who are increasingly concerned about health and nutrition. They often make changes in their lifestyle, and one of them is deciding to take frequent trips to nature. They believe that going to nature is the medicine for the soul that calmes, relaxes, and makes you forget everyday problems, and the perfect opportunity to take care of your body. Camping, hiking, running, swimming, and cycling are what millennials enjoy when going out into nature — all very fun activities that are also good for your body and mind!

Traveling is a real treasure

Air, sea, and land transportation have never been more advanced than today. This makes travel easier and more accessible to everyone. However, most travelers are millennials — a generation that loves to explore. So, it’s no wonder they made camping popular again. They value new cultures, experiences, and knowledge they get on those trips, but most of all, they love traveling with people they love

Is it because of health, time spent with loved ones, as a way to escape reality, or simply because they enjoy being surrounded by nature? It doesn’t matter! Millennials are not the generation that discovered camping, but they are indeed the ones that enjoy it the most. In addition to camping, this generation generally enjoys spending time with family and friends in nature, and it is up to us to wait and see how attractive these types of experiences will be to the unique generation Z!