If you are looking for cool gifts for campers that you can surprise your friends with, look no further. We have searched the internets and found the best gifts for campers, both for newbies and seasoned travellers.

True camper lovers always look for new useful gadgets and equipment for camping and are more than happy to receive these as gifts from their friends. Souvenirs are always a good choice, and sometimes you can even find souvenirs that double as camping gear. Here is our list of some of the most useful gifts for any camper and for any budget. 

1. Inflatable lounger air sofa hammock

Everybody loves hammocks, and an air sofa hammock is even easier and faster to set up. There are many colours to choose from and happiness is guaranteed.

2. Nature scavenger hunt printables

For your little friends or younger siblings, why not get a cute and educational gift that will encourage them to explore.

3. Travel set

A travel set like this one is a super useful gift for your rookie camping friends as it contains all the essentials for carefree camping and will surely put a smile on their face.

4. Personalized camp mug

If you are looking for unique gifts for campers, you can’t go wrong with a personalized travel mug. It can be a dear memory and it’s easy on the pocket.

5. Camping gift voucher

For a truly versatile gift, choose a voucher for your friend’s favourite camp or shop and you can be sure they are going to use it well.

6. Winter socks

Who hasn’t received socks as a Christmas present at least once in their life? Warm and cosy socks are one of the most useful Christmas gifts for campers, especially those that enjoy extreme camping. You may have been disappointed to receive socks as a kid, but adult people appreciate good, comfy socks.

7. Microfiber towel

Super practical, inexpensive and a must-have for any traveller. Also useful for four-legged campers.

8. RV levelling blocks

This is one of the best gifts for people with campers. Make them ditch the sticks, bricks or whatever else they are using and let them embrace the simplicity of adjustable levelling blocks.

And if you can’t think of any interesting gifts for campers who have everything, you can always go Croatian-style and gift your friend a pack of ground coffee – maybe even add in a travel coffee maker.

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