Read this article and learn how to plan a beach picnic that everyone will love! Find out what food to take on a picnic, what activities to do, and more.

Blankets on the ground, sandwiches in the basket, soft sound of the Adriatic sea and all that nature around you — do you need more reasons to go on the beach picnic as soon as possible? 

The best picnic ideas for couples who love romance

Before you start packing, it’s always a good idea to check out possible locations for your picnic date. Someplace nice and secluded will allow you and your partner to relax and enjoy each other’s company without distractions. The next thing on the checklist is the food. To make the experience more authentic, try out local flavors like the cheese from Pag island or the most popular Croatian wines

How to have an Instagram-worthy picnic with friends? 

If you’re wondering how to achieve that perfect picnic aesthetic — it’s all in the details! Think about the decor, pack some pillows and fancy cutlery. Nice glassware will make you feel classy, and an interesting food plate will elevate the whole experience.

How to plan the perfect picnic for any budget?

While planning a picnic, a little can get you a long way. Just follow these easy steps to stay on track and always know what to bring to a picnic: 

1. Choose the perfect spot

You want to be comfortable, so look for even ground and less crowded locations. Also, check the weather in advance to be sure to have some shade on the hot days and shelter in case it rains.

2. Pack the perfect picnic basket: must-bring essentials

Blanket, food, plates and cutlery are a must-have. But don’t forget to bring other essentials like napkins, a bottle opener, a trash bag, an umbrella and some SPF protection. A thermos bottle will keep your beverages cool, and by packing some ice packs you can ensure your food stays fresh during the day. You can also check out our list of the 10 most important items to bring when camping to cover all the basics.

3. Fun picnic games to enjoy with your friends and family 

From old fashioned outdoor games like hide and seek and freeze tag, to classic sports games like badminton, football and volleyball, there are so many possibilities for having fun on your picnic. And if you plan on picnicking in Camping Village Šimuni, you can explore even more options

After the beach picnic: tips for easy cleanup

When you finish picnicking, remember to leave the place just as clean as you found it. To make things easier for cleanup, make a storage plan from the start. Bring a larger freezer to put dirty dishes afterwards, and prepare trash bags so you can leave no trace behind.  

After you follow all the steps, it is time to have fun! Enjoy picnicking on one of the six beaches in Camping Village Šimuni and make the best picnic memories. If you’re thrilled about this as we are, contact us and visit soon!