Is your child bored of traditional camping activities? Then, read this article to find out why an outdoor climbing wall is an excellent addition to your trip!

If you have ever gone camping with children, you know that they get bored very quickly. That’s why you should always have an activity plan for them, and our suggestion for that list is — rock climbing! If you didn’t already give your kids a chance to try it, now is the time to do so. We know that climbing is not the first sport that comes to your mind when you consider enrolling your child in an activity, but you should try it and here’s why! 

We know that camping is good for kids, and climbing is an activity that will make them love outdoor trips even more. Except for good fun, climbing has many benefits for your children, so we’re bringing you the most important ones.

Why do kids love climbing walls?

Very simple, because it’s fun! This activity presents a great challenge for children, and they’re very happy to face it. Also, climbing allows them to push their boundaries and achieve new successes every day. Many experts claim that climbing is in their nature — they do it to compete, socialise and have fun. Also, one of the most important benefits of sports climbing is building self-confidence. A child who reaches the top will be very proud of himself because he knows how much exercise it took him. So give them a chance and see for yourself!

Physical benefits of climbing

Rock climbing is one of the best ways of training the entire body: it develops arm, leg, and torso muscles as well as improves hand, feet and eye coordination. Also, to climb successfully, children need to strategically plan their every next step and decide where to put their fingers or feet. Improved coordination skills they will acquire are a good base for any other sport that a child may be interested in later. Climbing also helps children to perfect the difference between left and right, as well as develop balance.

Social benefits of climbing

One of the most significant benefits of this activity is that it teaches children patience. They are slowly becoming aware that success takes time, effort and work. In addition, they learn about the importance of teamwork and support! Climbing may seem like a one-person activity, but it actually has a lot of elements of collaboration. Together, children try to find the best solution for reaching the top and celebrate other kids’ successes. 

Climbing is a sport in which they very often learn how to overcome fear and deal with stress. They also learn to concentrate and solve problems, no matter how difficult the task is. All of these are values ​​that will help your child later in life.

Health benefits of climbing

Climbing affects the development of your children’s muscles and their overall health. For example, this sport positively affects the cardiovascular system, speeds up the heart, stimulates the lungs, and burns calories. Besides that, active training at an early age reduces the possibility of developing some chronic diseases later.

Indoor wall climbing

If your child is interested in climbing, enrolling him in a climbing club is the right decision. Nowadays, you can find indoor clubs that have climbing walls almost everywhere. The advantage of indoor climbing is that the child can enjoy it regardless of weather conditions or inaccessible terrain.

Outdoor rock climbing

Children can try rock climbing in the hall but also outdoors. There are various venues that have artificial climbing walls. For example, Camping Village Šimuni on the sunny island of Pag offers a seven-metre high rock for climbing. Then, with the professional help of experienced climbers, your child can try it for the first time. Also, they will meet many other children with whom they can enjoy climbing and have fun. Except for having fun, this type of climbing is an excellent choice because the child spends a lot of time in nature.

Problem solving

The wall is both an obstacle a climber has to overcome and an exciting challenge they want to solve. It takes a lot of active thinking, logic and planning to achieve the goal — to reach the top. In climbing, children exercise their focus, as well as decision-making and problem-solving — all skills that will be extremely useful later in life.

Proper equipment

If you decide to give your child a climbing experience, you need to have the equipment. The kit mainly includes sportswear, climbing shoes, belts and ropes. But the essential thing is supervision! Except for being helped by experienced climbers who work in the climbing club, children will also feel safe. Some climbing clubs offer equipment and some don’t, so it’s best to always carry your own.

How to get kids started in climbing? If they show interest, it’s up to you to find a place that offers good options for climbers. If you’re planning to camp with your family, explore the climbing offer in Camp Village Šimuni and contact them. You can enjoy many fantastic Pag spring outdoor activities while your child bravely tries to conquer the top!