Be amazed by the iridescent light in the most beautiful cave in Croatia.

The small Croatian island of Biševo has about ten caves, but only Blue Cavern Croatia became a global attraction. This unique natural treasure has sun rays passing through an underwater opening, illuminating the cave with gorgeous blue light. The unearthly effect attracts hundreds of tourists each year, and here’s everything you need to know if you want to be one of them.

Blue Cave vs Blue Grotto

When talking about Blue Cave Biševo, oftentimes people say “Blue Grotto Croatia”, but “Blue Grotto” is the name of a famous cave in Italy. To avoid any confusion while looking for information about your trip, make sure to look up “Blue Cave Biševo” or “Modra špilja”, which is its Croatian name.

How to get there

Most people visit it with an organized group — you can book a Blue Cave tour online or in many nearby travel agencies. Take a look at some of the possible departure locations.

  • Komiža, Vis: Most tours depart from there, as the island of Vis is the closest to Biševo.
  • Hvar: To make the most of your day, a lot of offers include stopping by other Biševo sites, like the Green Cave, or combine island-hopping tours.
  • Split: Getting from Split to Biševo and back is a three-hour journey by speedboat. If you’re looking for a Blue Cave tour from Split, definitely choose the one including other sites, too.
  • Camping Village Šimuni and Pag: It’s 180 km away from the cave, so it’s best to go from Pag to Komiža, Hvar or Split, then book a tour from there.

Another option is to visit it by yourself — in that case, you can dock your boat in Mežuporat where the ticket office is located. Due to safety reasons and the preservation of nature, it’s prohibited to enter the cave with private boats.

When to visit

Many agree that the cave is the most beautiful between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on a sunny day. Keep in mind that if you come before 10 a.m., you’ll witness its radiance in a much calmer setting. You’ll have to wait in line during high season, but there are cafes and snack shops to keep you busy. To avoid crowds altogether, try visiting it any time from late September to early June.

Inside the cave

Once you enter the cave, you’ll be inside for about 15 minutes enough to absorb the beauty of the blue light piercing through the crystal clear water. Keep in mind that you can’t swim in the Blue Cave (but you can dip your toes in other Biševo caves).

Some like to explore sea depths, while others are prone to conquering the heights. If you’re in the second group, we’re happy to tell you that Croatia has many hiking trails perfect for an active holiday.

Do you want to spend the rest of your vacation relaxing in the shade? We’ve got you covered — visit Šimuni’s Sea Pearl or Diamond beach and enjoy sunbathing, drinking cocktails and getting massages!

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