Camper’s guide to healthy living

Tips & tricks

Fitness, diet and relaxation are three core pillars of healthy living. That’s why, in Camping Village Šimuni, we prepared a variety of different options and activities that’ll fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Get active

For a majority of people, the decision to live healthier usually means picking up a sport or some other physical activity. In Camping Village Šimuni, we want to make sure all our guests can find an activity for themselves, and that’s one of the main reasons you can try anything from football and basketball to yoga and zumba when you come to Šimuni. You can even pick up diving or join our organised biking and hiking groups that will not just get you in shape, but also show you all of the wonderful locations on the island of Pag. Check out the range of sports and activities in the campsite.

Upgrade your diet

Getting active is only the first step towards a truly healthy lifestyle. If you really want to make a change, you have to get your diet in order and throw out all the junk. A cheat day here and there is OK, but you really have to commit and think about what you’re eating. As more and more people try to live healthier, and vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets have experienced a rise in popularity, we made sure our guests have a wide selection of meals they can enjoy when they visit Šimuni. In our camp’s restaurants, you’ll find a large variety of vegetarian dishes, traditional Dalmatian delicacies, fresh fish, and just about anything in between, so feel free to check out the offers.

Reduce the stress levels

You already know that stress can have a really negative effect on a person’s well being, so you have to make sure to regularly release all that built-up pressure. If physical activity isn’t doing the trick or you, going on a vacation and relaxing at the beach most certainly will. Chilling at the beach without a worry in the world is an awesome way to rejuvenate your body and mind (and get a great tan in the process), but there are also a ton of other things you can do in Camping Village Šimuni to reduce stress.

Massages are our guests’ top picks when it comes to achieving zen, so we prepared all kinds of different massages and treatments in our Beauty center and the Salt beach. You can treat yourself to a traditional, Tui Na or Thai massage or even try something completely differents, like a halotherapy treatment.  

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is vital for your body and mind. During sleep, your body recuperates and heals, and your mind is working on preparing you for the next day. A good night’s sleep reduces your stress level, makes you more alert, creative and healthy.

And when better to start your new sleeping schedule than during your vacation?

At Camping Village Šimuni you can slip off to nap heaven on one of our beaches – stretch out on a deck chair under a parasol or get comfortable under a beautiful canopy.


Now that you know what living healthy is all about, it’s time to book your ideal vacation in Camping Village Šimuni, and see everything we prepared for you!