Camping chairs: a beginners guide to choosing the best camp chair

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From weight to portability — find the best camping chair for your next trip with our guide.

So, you’re preparing for camping — you read our camping tips for beginners, explored the different types of tents, chose the best sleeping bag and made a list of all the essentials needed to be packed. But do you know what’s the one thing that can make the experience much more enjoyable? A humble camping chair. 

Camping chairs are usually not high on the must-have lists, and we often don’t think much about them — we just take the one that looks lightest and the most compact. But if you invest just a little more time in exploring the best camping chair options, it pays off in multiple ways. Keep reading to find out how. 

Why is a good camping chair a must-have for any camper?

After a daylong adventure in nature, imagine coming back to camp and having to sit in the moist soil. Not so pleasant, right? Here comes the chair in all its glory. It keeps your behind from the wet ground, enables you to relax and enjoy beautiful camp surroundings. It also comes in handy during various camping activities. Whether you’re making marshmallows or playing cards, the comfy chair makes all the difference. 

Types of camp chairs: which is right for you?

Camping chairs come in a range of types, sizes and materials. Besides camping, you can use them on the beach, for fishing, picnics and all sorts of outdoor activities. When it comes to choosing the right one that can be used for a long time and for multiple purposes, here’s what types you can consider.

  • Classic camp chairs usually have four legs, a straight back and a flat seat. They are the most common and offer optimal comfort. Their height enables you to sit down and stand up with ease.
  • Three-legged chairs offer less comfort and stability than four-legged ones but are more light and practical if you plan to carry them around while backpacking.
  • Small camp chairs are also lightweight and convenient for carrying around. They can be folded to the size of the palm, so, in that way, they are the packaging dream. But contrary to what they bring in practicality, they lack in back support and cosiness. 
  • Low chairs provide more balance on sandy and uneven ground but can be less convenient when sitting down and standing up. Even though they are the perfect fit for some surroundings, it’s best to opt for a different option if you have a bad back or sore knees that make getting up hard. 
  • Luxury camping chairs weigh more but compensate for that with all their benefits. Think cushioned padding, head, leg or armrests, cup holders etc. If you intend to use them often, they are definitely worth investing in, but the cheaper ones will do the trick just fine for a couple of hours here and there.  

These types of camping chairs are the most common ones, but more interesting options are also available. If you’re curious, explore the world of hammocks, rockers and two-legged chairs. They may not be that practical but can be a part of an unforgettable experience. 

How to choose the perfect outdoor chair?

You narrowed the choice to a particular type of chair but are still unsure if it is the perfect fit for you? If you feel like choosing the right chair is getting more complicated, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! After determining the shape, it’s time to consider other important factors.

  • Fabric

If your chair has to endure all sorts of weather conditions, make sure you get the one that will behave well in the sun as well as in the case of rain. Fast-drying fabric is a good choice for unpredictable weather, and light colours will keep your chair from getting too hot while being exposed to the sun. Polyester chairs are more durable because of the thickness of the fabric and nylon chairs are usually thinner and more susceptible to sun exposure.

  • Size and weight

If you’re opting for a minimal type of chair, size and weight are key decision factors. Keep in mind how long you have to carry the chair, how compact it is when packed and how strong it is to hold the person sitting in it. Also, the chair has to correspond to the person’s height and the height of the table if you have one. 

  • Set-up simplicity

When you arrive at your beautiful camping spot, the last thing you want to do is to waste time setting up your chair. Smaller chairs can be easily set up because they usually have a simple pop-out mechanism. Larger and more luxury chairs take longer to set up, but they make it up with the comfort they provide.

  • Versatility

As we mentioned before, camping chairs are not just for camping! They can be used on numerous outdoor occasions — from chilling in your backyard, backpacking and festivals to picnicking and fishing. Choose wisely a model that will fit your lifestyle and activities. 

Time to sit down and relax

Congratulations — you reached the end of our guide! Now that you’ve decided what camping chair is the best choice for you, it’s time to sit down and relax. After a long day in nature, you’ll have a comfortable place to rest and recharge. Book your next retreat in Camping Village Šimuni and enjoy camping from the comfort of your chair. 

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