Camping photography 101: How to make your camping photos stand out?

Kamping savjeti

Looking to up your camping photography game? Explore the best tips and tricks for taking beautiful Instagram-worthy camping pictures.

Are you on vacation and looking forward to making the most outstanding photographs of your camping experience? We got you covered. Keep reading to find out how to get perfect camping photos every time, how to take the best night camping shots, what photography essentials to pack and how to take travel photos that tell a story. 

How to get perfect camping photos every time?

So, you found yourself surrounded by the beautiful nature of Camping Village Šimuni and want to share all those wonders with your online friends. Here are some key tips for creating Instagram-worthy camping pictures.

  • Capture the unique spirit of a camping experience

From setting up your tent, preparing food and exploring the surroundings, to the romantic sunsets on the island of Pag, it’s the little things that make camping a one-of-a-kind vacation. 

  • Pay attention to the composition.

Keep some basic composition rules in mind — like the rule of the thirds, filling the frame or using negative space. You don’t have to follow them strictly, but it’s always good to have some sort of composition.

  • Play with different angles. 

Sometimes, good photos require gymnastics. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself squatting, climbing or laying on the ground, all for the purpose of a great shot. 

  • Experiment with light. 

Besides the famous golden hour that happens one hour before sunset, there is also a blue hour. It occurs at dawn when the sun is deep below the horizon. You can try to capture both on the same spot and then compare the differences.

  • Be a patient photographer. 

Give yourself the necessary time to explore and find the perfect shot. When it comes to camping photos, quality beats quantity. 

The best tips for night camping pictures

Don’t stop after dark — a campfire at night, a sky full of stars and a lit tent can all make a great shot! For best nighttime pictures, we recommend using a manual mode on your camera. The quality of your pictures can significantly improve with manual focus, and if you’re unfamiliar with other settings, it is best to get to know your camera and what it can achieve. 

Different photography accessories may come in handy, but choosing the right setting is the most important. With lower ISO, you’ll avoid graininess. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment — it’s the best way to learn your camera’s capabilities. 

Shutter speed is a setting that will need more of your attention while taking night camping pictures. Choose a longer shutter speed to allow available light to be captured. 

Finally, choosing RAW instead of JPEG will enable you to get much better results in general, not just at night. When shooting in JPEG, your camera’s software will process the file to determine what elements of the file will be stored in your memory card. With RAW, you get exactly what you shoot.

Essential travel photography accessories that you actually need

When exploring nature, it’s always a good strategy to pack as light as possible. We already have a list of top 10 things to take on your camping vacation, but if you are a photography enthusiast, you will benefit from taking the time to plan and pack outdoor photography essentials. We promise you will actually need them! But don’t worry — even if you don’t have fancy professional equipment, you can still take a glorious camping shot. Having that in mind, bring what you have from our list and enjoy capturing memories with these: 

  • Lightweight travel tripod or tabletop tripod

If you plan on taking those dreamy long exposure night shots, you will surely benefit from taking your trusty tripod on the road.

  • Remote shutter control. 

It’s especially good to have if you travel alone and are determined to take the best camping selfies.

  • Camera or smartphone lenses for travel photography.

To make sure that beautiful landscape fits in the frame, remember to pack a wide-angle or telephoto lens. Also, all-around lenses are like the Swiss Army knife of lenses.

  • Power bank or spare batteries. 

Can you imagine something more frustrating than your battery dying just when you find the perfect shot? Prevent that from happening by bringing an additional source of power.

  • Spare memory card. 

Nature has its way of surprising you and you never know what you’ll come across. See that amazing tree? Be sure you have the room to capture it.

Camping photography ideas: take travel photos that tell a story

Okay, we got over all the basics. It is time to tell a story! If you spend your vacation in the unique ambience of the Camping Village Šimuni, you will have a lot of stories to share. So, you know the saying — a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether they’re selfies or family camping photos, pictures can talk about memories for years to come. 

When it comes to photography storytelling, remember to keep it natural. A staged photo shoot of your family standing in front of some tourist attraction can feel artificial to the viewer, so it’s best to look for more candid shots. Try to capture your kids climbing trees, your friends laughing when they set up the tent or other spontaneous group activities. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our blog about things to do in Croatia with kids

Of course, landscape and nature photos can also tell stories. To make sure they do, remember to always have one key subject in your composition that will be the star of your image.

It’s all about having fun!

Remember, photography needs practice, and the more you shoot, the better you get. So, be playful, have fun taking pictures, and enjoy creating memories on your camping vacation. If you are eager to do an outdoor tent photoshoot or try any other camping photography ideas we mentioned here, do not hesitate to contact us and book your next vacation at Camping Village Šimuni!