Cool gifts and souvenirs from your camping trip in Croatia

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Holidays in Croatia are a lot of fun, and one of the best ways to remember them is by bringing back a beautiful souvenir.

Going on holiday is a time of leisure, fun, experiencing new things and exploring another place. Once the holiday is over, you’ll probably want to tell everybody about it, bring a present from your travel or take a souvenir as a memento of your vacation experience.

Local delicacies can be a cool gift for your friends, because, who doesn’t love an edible present? The famous Pag cheese is one of the most delicious souvenirs you can take home from Croatia, and the same goes for world-renown olive oil produced right here, in Croatia. If you’re looking for a permanent reminder of your Pag vacation Pag, as well as a conversation-starter piece, get a unique piece of craftsmanship, Pag lace.

Pag salt is another souvenir produced in an all natural way for thousands of years, and you can purchase it almost anywhere on Pag.

Central Dalmatia is full of fields of the bluest of aromatic herbs — lavender. Lavender comes in many shapes and forms, essential lavender oil, soaps and creams, but they’re all freshly and locally produced.

If your vacation takes you to continental Croatia, a nice souvenir would be a symbol of Zagreb, licitarsko srce, colorful biscuit made of sweet honey dough, or if you’re traveling through Slavonija, a bottle of rakija, a traditional spirit drink made from various fruit.

While at Camping Village Šimuni, you don’t have to go far to get something that will always remind you of your vacation in Croatia. Kameno doba is a gift shop located in the Camp’s center which sells unique souvenirs.

Now that you have your souvenir wishlist ready, it’s time to book your vacation!

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