Cute baby camping gear that will instantly melt your heart

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Camping with your baby can be fun and fulfilling – you just need the right baby camping gear!

If you are planning a camping trip with your baby, congratulations! Many parents are scared to even think of taking a baby camping, but the truth is – it can easily be done with the right equipment and some careful planning. If you are well-prepared, this experience can be extremely rewarding and beneficial for bonding with your little one.

An added bonus is that baby gear for camping is so adorable! And choosing cute baby camping gear is a sure way to make you excited about your first trip together. The best news is that it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune – you can easily find used camping gear, like a stroller or a portable play yard that will be super useful for camping. Baby gear can be pricey, but babies grow so quickly that used baby camping gear is usually in perfect condition at half the price.

You don’t need a whole lot of expensive or weird accessories for your camping trip, but a few carefully selected essentials will go a long way.

1. Baby carrier

A comfortable carrier is an essential piece of camping gear for your baby and for you – an aching back is the last thing you need on a camping trip. A good carrier should be enough for lighter walks, but for more serious and longer hiking trips it is a good idea to invest in a baby hiking backpack for maximum support.

2. Foldable baby camping chair

A camping chair made just for the baby is so convenient and it also folds easily, just like a regular camping chair. You can usually use it up to the age of 3 or 4, so it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

3. Wearable blanket

The best baby camping gear is not only practical but also adorable. A wearable blanket is great for both the outdoors and the indoors, and you can choose from many different prints and materials best suited for the season.

4. Portable baby jumper

You can get one with a shade to provide protection from the sun, it can be used for several seasons and, of course, it is foldable and ready to use or pack away within seconds. A safe and fun portable playground for your baby which also gives you time to rest or tend to other things around the camp. 

5. A pacifier holder and case 

You don’t want to spend your whole trip looking for and washing the pacifier, do you? A pacifier holder that attaches to your baby’s clothes is a simple yet extremely effective addition to your baby camping (or everyday) gear.

6. Silicone baby bib

You may already have one of these, but if you don’t, definitely get one for the camping trip. Convenience is key when it comes to camping with a baby.

7. Travel bottle rack

A very simple and affordable solution for cleaning and drying bottles, while also keeping them neatly organised.

And don’t forget your fur baby, too! When you’re done melting over camping gear for mom and baby, check out some useful dog camping equipment that will make your family trip safe and enjoyable for all your babies.