Take a look at how to best spend your time in one of the most popular towns in Croatia!

Many agree that Rovinj is one of the best cities to visit on the Adriatic coast and an unmissable spot for romantic couples, food lovers, artists, and everybody who’s looking for a charming place to spend a couple of days at. Take a look at what to do in this petite Adriatic town!

Things to do in Rovinj

You’ll get to know the town best if you walk its streets, meet its artists, try local specialties, and become one with its nature!

Wine, dine and have a cup of coffee with style

Whether you’re looking for a Michelin-starred restaurant, creatively presented local dishes on a budget, bars with impressive wine lists, or a quirky coffee shop perched on rocks, you’ll find it in Rovinj. Take a walk through the colourful Rovinj streets and you’ll surely stumble upon a place that suits your vibe.

Check out Rovinj’s museums and galleries

Rovinj’s main street, Grisia, is scattered with small ateliers of independent artists and unique souvenir shops. You can also visit Rovinj’s city museum located in a Baroque palace from the 17th century, Mini Croatia Outdoor Gallery showcasing miniature versions of Croatia’s main attractions, and Rovinj Aquarium where you can experience the diversity of the Adriatic underwater world.

Spend your day relaxing at Rovinj beaches

One could be surprised by how many wonderful beaches there are in Rovinj and its proximity. There’s the famous Lone Bay beach, but also many lovely beaches at the Golden Cape and across Punta Eva. Rovinj’s south coastline also hides little coves, bays, and rocky beaches waiting for your visit!

Day trips from Rovinj

The town of Rovinj is enchanting, but so are the islands in its proximity! When visiting it, spend at least one day on one of the popular Rovinj boat tours.

Red Island boat tour

Red island Rovinj (or St Andrews island Rovinj) is one of the most popular Rovinj boat tours. The biggest island of the Rovinj archipelago consists of two artificially connected islands (St Andrews and Maškin) and is an uninhabited island of only 0.2 square kilometers (0.7 square miles). Tourists visit it for luxury accommodation, wellness and spa facilities, as well as sports and recreation activities. Over the years, the island also became a popular wedding destination.

St. Catherine Island boat tour

Beautiful gardens and parks, more than 450 different types of plants, rocky beaches, fancy cocktail bars, and amazing views of the Rovinj Old Town and the church of St Euphemia — all that a 5-minute boat ride away from Rovinj! There are also beaches located mainly on the east side of the island.

Brijuni boat tour

Brijuni is one of the eight national parks in Croatia. The archipelago has 14 islands and islets famous for the most diverse flora and fauna in Istria. Visit it and enjoy the safari park, dinosaur tracks, as well as delightful mouflons, zebras, elephants, and camels. The boat for Brijuni takes off from Fažana, a small town located 30-min drive away from Rovinj.

Rovinj is one of those places you can easily fall in love with, so, if you’re thinking of visiting Croatia, definitely put this little town on your itinerary!

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