Pag is already known for many beautiful Roman ruins, but did you know you can run into plenty of them underwater?

There are hundreds of beautiful diving sites in Croatia, but there is a certain mystical and awe-inspiring feeling when you first see the outline of a shipwreck that has been defying time at the bottom of the blue abyss. It stands as a reminder of our history, future and the stoic power of nature. 

Pag has several excellent scuba diving sites that evoke exactly this experience, and the list keeps on growing. The newest addition to Pag’s underwater shipwrecked treasures is a 2,000-year-old Roman sunken ship containing 400 amphoras. Šimuni bay is thought to have once been a Roman harbour, so this finding serves as another proof of this theory. 

A sight to remember

The shipwreck was discovered accidentally by our very own Vedran Dorušić, a diving instructor in the Camp’s diving centre, while he was on a dive with a colleague and two tourists. Talk about a holiday story to remember!

The sunken ship is located 130 meters from the shore, at a 36 to 38-meter depth. The ship dates back to the 1st century BC, it was about 30 meters long and carrying hundreds of amphoras filled with wine. It appears that the ship didn’t lose its cargo, but sank with it on board over the centuries, the ship gradually sank deeper into the sandy seabed, but the amphoras still remain on its surface. 

It was discovered because this location is very attractive to divers it is positioned very close to a reef, which means it’s bustling with diverse sea life. If you’ve always wanted to give diving a go, our experienced and knowledgeable experts in Diving centre Foka will guide you through your first diving adventure.

Also, this latest shipwreck will soon be open to the public, which means you can experience it firsthand!

Are you ready to discover the next sunken ship in the Adriatic? Come to Camp Šimuni, put on your scuba diving gear and start exploring!

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