When in Dalmatia, why not take a roadtrip to explore all its natural wonders like mountains, cliffs, rivers and canyons. Here are a few destinations you don’t want to miss if you’re an outdoorsman looking for your next adventure.


Second biggest nature park in Croatia, Paklenica is famous for its pristine nature and exciting terrain. With over 150 km of hiking paths and trails, it’s a nature lover’s dream. The entire park is filled with educational trails that take you through its various geomorphologic structures, autochthonous forests and unique plant life.

It is also a well-known climbing destination and climbers flock from all over Europe to conquer its cliffs. If you’re into watersports, the Zrmanja river is right around the corner. You can take a photo-safari and show your friends the best vacation photos ever. For adrenaline junkies, there’s “Vaganac” adventure park that offers bridging and rock-climbing, but also stunning 800 meter views of Starigrad Paklenica.

Blue cave

Located on the eastern shore of Biševo island, the Blue cave is a must-see natural aquatic phenomenon. The awe inspiring moment comes from the sunshine hitting the cave’s white bottom and this combination creates a beautiful blue hue. It also illuminates objects under the water, making them seem silver in color. You can enter the cave on a small row boat or by diving through its underwater entrance way. If you want to see it in all its glory, visit it at high noon for the best effect.

Lake Vrana

Another nature park, Lake Vrana is the biggest natural lake in Croatia and a rare example of  a cryptodepression. What makes it special is that it is also a special ornithological reserve with more than 235 species of birds living there, with the overall number of birds varying from 20.000 to 200.000. With an abundance of birds, Lake Vrana is also home to various fish, which makes it perfect for sport fishing. With 50 km of cycling trails, you can explore the park on your bicycle and discover the park’s historical remnants, like the Osridak tower dating back to the 4th century.  


If your idea of a seaside vacation includes all sea, all the time, take a boat excursion to Kornati archipelago. With 89 islands, this archipelago holds 12% of all islands in the Croatian Mediterranean! The islands are barren, with only a few shelters and churches that guard their domain, and surrounded by the glistening turquoise Adriatic.  

Once you arrive at Kornati, it would be a shame not to dive into the crystal clear sea and explore the diverse sealife. You can also take a walking tour around the islands and enjoy some magnificent vistas.
Now that you’ve gotten a few ideas for your Croatian adventure, go ahead and book your stay!

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