Join us on this virtual fishing expedition as we share insider recommendations for a memorable fishing experience in search of freshwater treasures.

Here are a few reasons why fishing is considered so relaxing a breeze in your hair, the quiet of the sea and the tranquil waiting game of waiting for the fish to bite. It’s a perfect moment for collecting your thoughts and truly resting on your holiday. It’s also a great hobby to try out in any season. 

Maybe you still haven’t tried out this calming activity, but you’re vacationing in Croatia? You’ll be happy to hear that there is plenty of fish in this blue Adriatic sea. Before you set out on an exciting fishing journey, we’ve got all the essential information and tricks to enhance your experience and ensure a fruitful catch.

If you’re interested in trying out fishing in Croatia, we’ve made a list of some of the best fishing spots around the island of Pag, so you know where to anchor your boat. 

Before the list, it’s important to note that you need a permit for sport and recreational fishing in Croatia. Don’t let this scare you away from your fishing dream, they are easy to come by, you can even get one online.

Planning your fishing adventure in Croatia

One of the main reasons why Croatia is a sought-after fishing destination is its diverse ecosystems. From the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic to the rivers and lakes teeming with a variety of fish species, anglers can find plenty of fishing opportunities to suit their preferences. When planning your fishing trip to Croatia, ensure you have the necessary fishing permits and licenses. Also, choose the right time for your adventure, as Croatia’s fishing seasons may differ. Therefore, research the best time to catch specific species.

Choosing the right equipment

Selecting the right fishing equipment is paramount for a successful and enjoyable fishing experience. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned angler, having the appropriate gear can significantly impact your catch and overall satisfaction.

Firstly, consider the fishing location and target species when choosing your equipment. Different fish require specific rods, reels, lines, and baits. For instance, lightweight rods with sensitive tips are ideal for finesse fishing in calm waters, while heavy-duty rods are necessary for battling large game fish in open seas. The importance of choosing the right fishing equipment cannot be overstated. It directly influences your success, enjoyment, and safety while fishing. Taking into account factors such as the fishing location, target species, skill level, quality, and personal preferences will lead to a well-rounded selection of gear, setting you up for an exceptional fishing adventure.

Selecting the ideal fishing spots

Different fish species have different habitat preferences. Look for clear waters with vegetation and submerged structures, just as for cold, flowing streams with rocky bottoms. Also, understanding your target species will guide you to the right fishing spots. Pay attention to the water conditions. Fish are more active during certain times of the day and under specific weather conditions. For example, some fish are more active in low light or overcast weather, while others prefer sunny conditions. 

The best time to visit for fishing

The success of a fishing trip greatly depends on the timing. Weather conditions play a crucial role in determining fishing conditions. Generally, early mornings and late evenings are ideal as fish are more active during these times. Warmer months can bring abundant fish near the surface, while colder months may require deeper fishing.

Understanding local fishing laws and permits

When planning a fishing trip in Croatia, it is crucial to be aware of the local fishing laws and regulations to ensure a responsible and legal experience. In Croatia, fishing is regulated by specific rules aimed at protecting aquatic ecosystems and maintaining sustainable fishing practices. It is essential to obtain a compulsory fishing permit, which can be easily acquired from Croatian travel agencies or local establishments.

Where to go fishing on Pag, Croatia

If you’re looking to fish on Pag, head on to its south-western coast. There you can fish gilt-head bream, saddled sea bream and white sea bream in the shallows and red scorpionfish, arbuns, hake and comber in the deeper waters. The two popular spots are Šimuni and Novalja, where you can do some fly fishing or try your luck in a sports fishing competition. There are also plenty of opportunities for adrenalin-rising big game fishing and spearfishing in Croatia, especially on Pag. 


Kornati are a beautiful archipelago and a part of a national park. The national park is off limits for any kind of recreational fishing, but the rest of the Kornati area is brimming with fish.

Islands Cres and Lošinj 

Because of their steep cliffs full of cracks, these islands are perfect nesting places for rich sealife. Choose these islands if you’re interested in common two-banded seabream, sea bass, dentex and especially sea bream (orada fish). It is believed that Lošinj is the home of the largest number of sea bream in the entire Adriatic.

Žirje Island

The Šibenik archipelago boasts 29 perfect bays, but also some of the best fishing stories. It is widely-known for its tuna-filled waters and is said to be the home of some of its largest specimens. So if you’re into big tuna, Šibenik is your perfect spot.


If you come back from your fishing trip empty handed, don’t be sad! It’s all about the experience, not the winnings. You can still have delicious fish for dinner restaurant Mali Raj serves fresh fish every day! If you want to cook it yourself, there’s a fish market in Šimuni that sells fish caught right in the Šimuni bay. You can even join some of the fishermen on a fishing tour and help catch it yourself! Visit our website to explore our offers and secure your reservation.