Gradac viewpoint: Place where Pag lights and the stars meet

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Experience all-encompassing scenic views right outside the town of Pag.

Photo credits: TZG Pag

Vacationing is all about fun and relaxation, but camping is another kind of vacation. Camping means being in close contact with nature, with all its beauty and splendor.

You can never get enough of those views, but if you’re looking to change your perspective, Pag has just the place.

Vidikovac (viewpoint)  is one of the best places to enjoy the Croatian coast. It is a plateau that offers one the best panoramic views of Pag, which stretch all the way to Velebit during good weather. It’s also a great spot for taking in a big deep breath, as it is a point where two kinds of air meet: mountain air from Velebit and open sea air from the Adriatic. You can find it by taking the west exit from Pag and heading on towards Novalja. The view is especially exquisite by night when it’s hard to draw a clear line from the lights of Pag from the twinkling stars on the night sky.

In the near vicinity of Vidikovac, stands Gradac, an area that used to be inhabited by Neolithic man. Gradac peaked interest in the 19th century when there were efforts of extracting gold from stone. Although these efforts were 4 aborted in the 20th century, there are some reports of retrieved gold specks. You might not find gold, but you’ll surely take a photo that’s well worth talking about.

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