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Explore an uninhabited small island in the heart of the Adriatic Sea and discover a new romantic place to take your partner!

Have you ever seen a real-life heart-shaped island? Well, if not then take a trip to Croatia and visit Galešnjak Island, it looks just like a heart! This beautiful and romantic island is located in the Adriatic Sea and has captivated the hearts of travelers for centuries. In this article, we’ll explore the history of the best-known heart-shaped island in Croatia and why it’s become such a popular attraction.

What you should know about this magical place

Galešnjak is a small island located next to Pašman. Although it was recorded on the map as early as the beginning of the 19th century, it gained fame with the arrival of the Google Earth service. From then until today, Croatia’s heart island’s popularity has only been growing, but fortunately, the island has remained as beautiful and magical as it was even when it had no visitors! It’s completely uninhabited; no buildings, no structures — just nature. Beside the low vegetation that grows on the island, you can enjoy the peace, the sounds of the sea, and the occasional singing of birds.

History of Galešnjak

Although it is now uninhabited, investigations done by the university in Zadar have revealed that Croatia’s heart shaped island was in fact inhabited in an early phase of the Neolithic period, before around 7000 years ago.

Islands Galešnjak and Ričul were once connected by a remarkable structure, unique in its time. The stone bridge spanning between the two islands is considered to be an impressive feat for the era it was constructed in. This ancient underwater structure was built around 6100 to 5400 years before Christ, making it the fourth oldest Neolithic location along with Crno virilo, Smilčić and a spot near Nin. 

Not only has this site been around for centuries but on March 17th 1177, but Pope Alexander III visited the island. The pope’s entourage traveled south of Italy to Venice, making a stop in the Pašman channel between Galešnjak island and island Ričul. The pope dispatched a messenger to Zadar, to inform the archbishop and mayor regarding its arrivals details and the coastal guards of Vrgada, Pašman and Ugljan signalled with smoke and fire the approach of the pope, so that the people of Zadar could prepare a grand welcome for their illustrious guest.

Today, Galešnjak is a popular tourist destination. The island’s heart-shaped shape makes it a unique and romantic spot for couples, as evidenced by the number of young couples who choose it as a place to say ‘I do’. One can easily imagine the peace and serenity of the sea, and the incomparable atmosphere when enjoyed alongside their beloved. Few other places offer such an intimate and dreamy ambience.

Perfect location for a day trip

Although the number of tourists who visit it every year is increasing, there is still no accommodation where you could spend the night. So, a day trip is the perfect option to visit this island! You can rent a boat or simply join one of the many organised tours from Zadar.

If you’re a fan of romantic islands, then Galešnjak is the perfect choice for a visit during your vacation. Here, you can enjoy some time with your partner in peace and quiet while soaking up the sun. Maybe its shape has some magical influence, too, who knows! 

Don’t be disappointed that you can’t spend the night, there are plenty of romantic places on the Croatian coast and you’ll surely find the perfect overnight spot.

Who runs the world? Galešnjak!

Its unique shape didn’t go unnoticed by celebrities either — one of the world’s most famous singers, Beyonce, decided to celebrate her birthday with her family right on this tiny heart-shaped island in Croatia!

So, if you want to literally follow in Bey’s footsteps or just enjoy a really unique-looking landmass, don’t miss the opportunity to spend the day on this beautiful little island of love.

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