Island of Krk: the largest Croatian island in the northern Adriatic sea

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Discover the old monuments and captivating landscape of this magnificent Adriatic gem.

The island of Krk in Croatia is not only the largest island in the northern Adriatic but also the most easily accessible one. If you’re coming from the continental part of Europe, Krk is the first island you can reach because it’s the closest to the mainland and connected by the Krk bridge. If you’re not feeling like driving, Krk has an international airport which means you can comfortably fly there from any major European city.

First written mention of Croatia

When visiting Krk, you can go way back in history and learn a lot about the evolution of the Croatian culture. The island is home to one of the most cherished Croatian monuments, the Baška tablet, which mentions Croatia and king Zvonimir for the first time in the Croatian language. Two-metres wide and 800-kilograms heavy white limestone board was discovered in 1851 in the little church of St Lucy in the town of Baška, where it served as a divider between the altar and the rest of the church. The message was written in a version of the Glagolitic script, the oldest known Slavic alphabet.

Equally impressive is the village of Omišalj, whose winding rocky streets and compact houses are an essential Croatian cultural spot. You can go see a local lapidary, a stone collection telling a thorough story of Omišalj’s ten thousand year long history.

Another delightful town worth visiting is Punat. After you explore its ancient architecture and large nautical centre, you can take a 10-minute boat ride to Košljun, an islet which many consider a scenic and spiritual paradise. The island attracts tourists because of its rich Mediterranean vegetation and Franciscan monastery which holds extensive ethnographic and sacred collections.

Modern-day paradise

If you visit the town of Malinska, you’ll see Krk is not just about history. The island’s most famous tourist destination has lots of modern hotels, Mediterranean villas, upbeat cafes, quality restaurants and beaches equipped with showers, deck chairs and parasols. Numerous available water activities make it a favourite destination for families with kids.

As many Croatian islands, Krk has some of the most gorgeous secluded beaches in the Mediterranean. If you’re looking for an escape from the crowds, spend a day at the Potovošće beach near Vrbnik, a stunning pebble beach reachable by boat or walking through a pine forest. For a total reconnection with nature, choose between 20 different Krk camping sites scattered all over the island. You can also pick your favourite camping site in Šimuni and be just a three-hour drive away from all this beautifulness.