The Pag archipelago is packed with adventures, and these few islands offer plenty to explore.

Maun, Silba, Olib and Premuda are the islands closest to Pag. They are only an hour away from Pag and this makes them a great choice for day trips, whether you choose an organized excursion or decide to make the trip yourself.

Maun is an uninhabited island southwest of Pag. It’s perfect for guided night dives because of its vibrant sea life.  

Silba is another gem of the Dalmatian coast filled with history. One of its most recognizable buildings is Toreta, a hexagonal tower in the village center. It it said that captain Petar Marinić erected this tower as a symbol of his affection towards a girl he could not marry.

Another of Silba’s curiosities are the underwater sakofagi at Pocukmarak bay. During the 5th and 6th century, many families wanted sakofagi for the burial of their family members. These sarkofagi were used as building materials for a small pier in the Pocukmarak bay and can now be observed underwater.

Underwater Cathedral of light

Olib is an island southwest of Pag, known for its white beaches and Tower of Olib, which once protected the residents from pirates and invaders. You can’t beat that view!

Premuda is a small island with a big surprise. It’s an underwater cave named the Cathedral, because of its unique dome that lets thought sunlight, making it appear turquoise. You can rent a boat and diving equipment at the Camp and go and explore the Cathedral and it’s astonishing sea life.

If you’re not into island hopping, but more into excursions, we recommend you book a trip to one of the nearby national parks: Plitvice Lakes, Paklenica, North Velebit, Krka and Kornati.

Maybe your island getaway means sunbathing at a beautiful beach? Pag is packed with amazing beaches, and 6 of them are right in our Camp. Their names are as enchanting as they are in person: Brilliant beach, Golden beach, Two Sailors beach, Diamond beach, Sea Pearl beach and White Seagull beach. Each one is special in its own right, and if you want to know more, read about the amenities and what to do at each beach.