Discover why Pag Island is Croatia's top destination and experience beautiful beaches and rich culture for an unforgettable vacation!

Year after year, Pag continues to hold its position as one of the top tourist spots on the coast of Croatia. And with good reason — the combination of stunning scenery, vibrant nightlife, delicious food, and rich cultural history make it a desirable destination for people from all over the world. With such a variety of choices, it might be difficult to decide how exactly you want to spend your quality time on this heavenly island. 

Well, whether “quality time” for you means conquering the island’s highest peaks or lazily sipping on your Cosmopolitan in the shade — our extensive guide is here to tell you about all the amazing things you can see and do on the island. Take a look at some of the possibilities and, of course, feel free to mix and match until you find your perfect combo!

Best things to see and do on the island of Pag

Visit the Pag carnival

If you’re vacationing on Pag in the last week of July, make sure to visit the Pag carnival, the oldest festivity of this kind on the Adriatic. Prepare yourself for local arts and crafts, yummy food, concerts and shows.

See the Pag saltworks

Salt is often referred to as Pag’s “white gold”, as the salt production plays a significant part in the island’s economy. The product was first extracted through natural evaporation, but later the islanders adopted modern techniques. Today, the Pag saltworks is the largest facility of this kind in Croatia.

Discover beautiful beaches

To find your ideal Pag island beach, try exploring as many of them as possible! Start with Čista beach (perfect for families), Ručica (if you want peace), Zrće (if you prefer cocktails over floaties) and secluded coves near Lun (if you’re a bit of an adventurer).

Spend a day in the town of Pag

Spend the afternoon walking through the ancient streets of the town of Pag, visiting the lace museum, trying baškotin (the traditional Pag bread) and sipping ice coffee.

Dine in Novalja

Whether you’re in the mood for fresh Mediterranean fish, a speciality like a steak with truffles, or want something more familiar like pasta or pizza, there is an abundance of restaurants to choose from in the town of Novalja.

Climb to the top of St. Vid

The warm and sunny Pag island weather is ideal for a day spent on brushing up your hiking skills. Climb the famous St. Vid, the island’s highest peak, and enjoy the view of the sparkling Adriatic.

Visit Kolansko Blato

Pag island, Croatia, may surprise you with its diverse landscape! Although the island is famous for its moonlike look, it also has a rare form of Mediterranean wetland. The unique ornithological reserve Kolansko Blato is home to more than 160 bird species.

Explore the Pag triangle

The beautiful Pag island nature holds a secret — the Pag triangle, a natural phenomenon located a few kilometres from Novalja. The weird imprint in sharp rocks has not yet been scientifically explained (some believe it was made by aliens).

Get active

If climbing isn’t enough for you, there are other exciting activities you can try while staying on the island. There are paths for runners, hiking and biking trails, amazing diving sites, adrenaline tours and other fun options for those who want to stay active!

Food and drinks to try on Pag

In addition to its natural beauty and historical landmarks, Pag Island is also famous for its delicious local food, including Pag cheese, lamb, and seafood dishes. The island’s unique microclimate and soil create a unique flavor profile that gives the delicacies a taste distinct from other regions. That means if you have the good luck to visit the island, you won’t be leaving hungry. If anything, the tasty food will leave you hungry for more!

Taste Pag cheese

You can’t take a trip to the island of Pag without tasting delicious Pag cheese. It’s made from the milk of sheep bred almost exclusively on Pag. The sheep feed on immortelle and Mediterranean herbs, giving the cheese a unique flavour.

Sip on Pag wine

If you’re a wine aficionado visiting Pag, definitely go on a wine tour. The island has a famous underwater wine cellar that you shouldn’t miss, and it also has wineries (located above surface!) where you can taste premium Croatian wines — like Vina otoka Paga, a winery famous for cultivating the gegić grape, an old variety from the island. Just imagine: a glass of nice wine, a view of the sun setting over the sea… What could be a more romantic holiday than that?

Shopping and souvenirs

After having such an amazing time on the island, you would naturally want to buy a little something to remind you of your wonderful holiday. There is no huge shopping center, but that shouldn’t be a problem — more like a blessing. Instead of spending the sunny days in a stuffy enclosed mall, tour the tiny coastal cities and villages and buy your souvenirs from local vendors! 

The various street stalls, small shops and galleries offer a variety of must-have Pag items. Most notable ones include: authentic cheese, Pag salt, premium olive oil, amazing wines, products from locally grown herbs such as lavender, rosemary and immortelle, and of course, the most delicate and cherished product of the island, the handcrafted Pag lace.

Best time to visit Pag island

Located in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia, Pag Island enjoys a sunny Mediterranean climate similar to others in the north-Dalmatian archipelago. That means hot summers with quite intense sun and long days, so if you’re a fan of tanning on the beach, choose June to September for the best experience. If you would like to enjoy the island during more moderate temperatures (and with less people) choose the enjoyable spring and autumn months — or even a peaceful winter!

Pag island accommodation – where to stay on the island

All of these places and experiences sound appealing? We thought so! Now it’s time for the most important step in planning your next vacation: choosing the right accommodation for you. The island boasts several popular party locations, the most famous being Zrće Beach. The nearby hotels and private accommodations are perfect for those who want to experience a lively atmosphere and parties that last into the early morning hours.

However, if you want to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere and reconnect with nature, our camp offers various mobile homes, bungalows and pitches, including all the amenities you could need.

As you can tell, Pag offers an amazing variety of sights to see and things to do. There’s a little bit of something for everyone, so whether you come alone, as a couple, with friends or family, you’re bound to have an amazing holiday experience. Whatever you decide to do, feel free to contact us and find our everything you need to book an amazing stay here at camp Šimuni!