Kayaking Across Zrmanja River Canyon and Waterfalls

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Visit the emerald beauty that welcomes all adventurists.

This majestic river is one of the wildest rivers in Croatia. It runs for 69 kilometers in the karst terrain of southern Lika and northern Dalmatia, bending and turning around fields and narrow gorges, until it spills into the Adriatic in Novigradsko more bay.

Its emerald water and untouched nature through which it winds make it a top destination for nature lovers, but Zrmanja canyon and waterfalls attract kayakers and adventurists from all over Europe. Whether you’re a seasoned rafting pro or have yet to set foot in a canoe, this river will welcome you with open arms.

Zrmanja has many faces – she has fast exciting rapids ideal for rafting, and a 200 meter deep canyon perfect for more slow-paced kayaking. Due to the higher water levels, the colder months are more suitable for rafting, and the warmer months bring out the more peaceful of Zrmanja, and are more suitable for kayaking. To illustrate its changing nature, many have lovingly called it Beauty and the Beast.

The river also has several enchanting waterfalls, cascades and tufa barriers along its course. The highest and according to many, the most beautiful one is Visoki buk, which stands at 11 meters.

The unique experiences Zrmanja offers are different for all its visitors, but all are left with a deep respect for its serenity, beauty and excitement.

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