Kolansko blato: swamp reserve with Mediterranean flora and fauna

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Experience the unique beauty of one of the few remaining swamps in Europe.

Photo credits: Priroda Hrvatske

The nature of Croatia has an abundance of famous national parks and natural wonders. However, some of the most beautiful places in the country are those that you have probably never heard of. Pag has one of those hidden treasures – Kolansko blato, also known as Blato Rogoza, located just 7 km from Camping Village Šimuni.

This ornithological reserve is a swamp situated on the west coast of Pag island, and its 535ha of shallow water is a home to a variety of vegetation and animal life, mostly birds.

A trick up nature’s sleeve

What makes this area so special? Well, Pag is known for its rocky landscape, bearing almost no trees or vegetation at all. It was separated from land a long time ago, but it still bears resemblance to the rugged coastal area it was once a part of. However, nature always has a few tricks up its sleeve, so there are certain locations on the island that are covered in water and mud, such as Kolansko blato. It was formed during the last ice age (more than 13.000 years ago) and it is a rare form of Mediterranean wetland. Today, it stands as one of the last swamps of this type in Europe.

Kolansko blato is also the perfect place for ornithologists and amateur birdwatchers. There’s a large number of places where one can go birdwatching in Croatia, but Kolansko blato is specific because of the wide variety of birds that come there during the migrating season – the swamp reserve is their feeding place and an overnight camp. It’s quite literally a bed and breakfast for tired birds!

Photo credits: Visit Povljana

Birds are not the only animals inhabiting the swamp, though. There are more than 163 endemic types of reptiles, fish and birds, which is why it was named a special ornithological reserve in 1988.

While this specific muddy area is known for its flying inhabitants, similar locations in Pag are known for the relaxing and healing properties of the curative mud.

The staggering amount of natural beauties in Croatia makes it hard to see everything, but Kolansko blato is definitely worth the visit. Book your stay in Camping Village Šimuni for an easy access to the island of Pag nature, and get ready to explore!