Kornati National Park: Nautical Paradise With 89 Unforgettable Islands, Islets and Reefs

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The magnificent archipelago is the perfect destination for recreational sailors, nature lovers and all those who enjoy an active vacation.

Kornati is an island group off the coast of Dalmatia, located near the cities of Zadar and Šibenik. Due to the interesting structure of the terrain and the diversity of life found in the waters of the archipelago, it is officially protected as a national park since 1980.

Kornati Archipelago

The numbers speak for themselves: a staggering 89 islands, islets and reefs stretch over 220 km² of water, which is why the locals sometimes joke about there being “as many Kornati islands as there are days in a year”. One of the unusual geomorphic qualities specific to  Kornati are the steep cliffs outlining the islands and facing the open sea. The unique phenomena is often referred to as the “crown” of the islands, and many consider it the source of the name Kornati.

Natural Life

Like many of the national parks in Croatia, Kornati has an abundance of diverse flora and fauna, more than any other area of the Adriatic! It is the home of 537 plant species, 226 types of algae and 850 types of animal life. The Mediterranean monk seal is one of the rarest mammals in the world, and was in the past seen visiting the islands.

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Diving and Sailing Paradise

The biodiversity in the waters of the archipelago is so astonishing that divers all over the world come to experience the beautiful underwater scenery. Autonomous diving is exclusive to qualified divers, but those who don’t have any experience can try snorkelling. You only use a diving mask and stay above submarine levels, but it still allows you to have a look under the sea. Those who rather spend their time on the surface can take the boat and sail across the Kornati archipelago, a real labyrinth of islands!

Untouched Nature

Another thing that makes Kornati so special is that it’s uninhabited. There are no cities or settlements on the islands except from a few establishments where visitors can eat and drink. The only other traces of past inhabitants are the long trails of dry stone walls. These long-lasting structures are built by stacking stones without mortar or anything else to bind them, which is why it is now included on UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage list.

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