Mediaeval festival in Croatia you shouldn’t miss when visiting

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Get to know a place that will quickly take you back to the distant past!

If you’re a big fan of mediaeval camping and find yourself in Dalmatia, Days of the Knights of Vrana is something you shouldn’t miss! This historical spectacle takes place on the last weekend of August, in Vrana. During this period, you can enjoy the revival of many mediaeval attractions. So keep on reading about some of the festival’s highlights, which attracts curious tourists every year!

Take the opportunity and try fencing

One of the most exciting events at this festival are undoubtedly the tournaments. Everyone can try their hand at various games and learn a lot about the Middle Ages. Besides the games, you can take a look at how men and women lived at the time.

Eat like mediaeval people ate

After enjoying the mediaeval scenes, it’s time to try some mediaeval dishes! Besides having the opportunity to try meals you can’t find on the menu of city restaurants, you can also enjoy dishes made out of homemade food grown in Vrana!

Back to the Middle Ages

Even if you don’t play in a tournament or try an interesting dish, you will be glad to visit this attraction. The festival takes place on a beautiful meadow, there’s a lake near you, and to your right is the old fortress. You hear the swinging of swords and the murmur of players while knights, peasants, horse riders and beggars are walking next to you. Simply enchanting! But of course, enjoyment is not the only good thing about coming to this festival. At a place like this, you can get many tips on making your own mediaeval camping.

If you find yourself in Zadar or its surroundings, try to find time to visit this very interesting festival. Click pause on the modern pace, and become part of a mediaeval story. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this experience!

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