Pag salt, white gold


The island of Pag has centuries of experience in producing high-quality salt.

Not so long ago, salt was an expensive commodity, being used to season food and, more importantly, food preservation. Because it was almost worth its weight in gold, it is not uncommon to hear it being referred to as white gold. This is also what people of Pag call one of their famous symbols, Pag salt.

The production of salt on Pag can be dated back to the 9th century, but historians believe that Romans also extracted salt from this area. Not much has changed in the production of salt in the Pag salines. Pag’s windy microclimate, number of sunny days, crystal clear sea and rocky landscape all take part in the making of this famous salt.
Salt is produced naturally, with the sea water evaporating under the effect of sunlight and winds in salt basins and crystallising in an enclosed space.

Pag salt contains minerals from the sea, like calcium and magnesium which our bodies need in small amounts every day.

If you’re interested in the learning more about the tradition of salt production in Pag, visit the Museum of Salt in Stari grad Pag. Its exhibitions show the history and tools used to extract and transport salt. While you’re there, you can also buy Pag salt and taste it for yourself.

Salt from Pag is so important that the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture had it declared a nationally protected product.

You can get Pag salt in any supermarket, but if you want to have a closer look at the impressive salt basins spreading across 2.5 million square meters, you can book a tour in Solana Pag, Croatia’s biggest salt producer. Check out all the excursions you can book at Camping Village Šimuni.


Are you ready to try out Pag salt and experience its benefits? Visit Šimuni’s Salt Beach where it’s used in a number of wellness treatments. Book your Pag vacation and come to Camping Village Šimuni!

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