If you want an active vacation, Pag is the right destination for you.

The Adriatic coastline is mainly famous for the unbelievably stunning sea, but that doesn’t mean swimming is the only reason to visit! There are more and more tourists opting for hiking and trekking in Croatia, cycling is getting really popular, and the sporting events on the coast are attracting more than just the locals. However, if your preferred exercise is running, there is no better scenery for it than the beautiful island of Pag.

Running events

You’ve already read about the hiking and biking trails on the island, but if you’re more of an avid runner, you might be wondering if there is any sort of running event you can participate while on your Pag vacation. The answer will make you happy, because Pag’s Life on Mars race is one of the most interesting running events in Croatia! The trail got its interesting name because of the island’s famously harsh karst terrain, which makes you feel like you really are jogging on another planet.

Besides this otherworldly run, you can also participate in a new event called Otok Pag Trail, with the motto “Say cheese and run”. This pleasant jog takes you to the highest peak of Pag called Vidova Gora, from which you can see the beautiful view of the surrounding islands. After crossing the finishing line in the village Kolan, all participants get to taste the amazing traditional Pag cheese and lamb prepared by the locals. Surely this has to be one of the tastiest running trails in Croatia!

Be prepared

Before going on a jog through the stunning Pag terrain, make sure you have all the basics. Water is always important, but it’s even more necessary to have enough of it while running on Pag, since the island has quite a warm and sunny climate. Remember to protect your skin with sunscreen and bring a comfy pair of running shoes — it doesn’t matter if you’re jogging on the rough karst paths or on a smooth road, flip flops or sandals are a no-go! Lastly, put on your favourite tunes and get ready to burn some calories and build some muscle.

Maybe just want to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine while looking at the sun setting in violet hues over the blue Adriatic sea, or maybe you want to experience the same scenery while sprinting through the island paths and getting that runner’s high. No matter what your choice is, Pag is the place to do it!