Stay fit and in shape even on holiday, and discover new activities to add to your regimen.

Getting that beach body takes a lot of work, but vacations can put a dent in your exercise routine. Fortunately, we have everything you’ll ever need to keep up with your active lifestyle, even while on vacation.

If you’re considering a change of your lifestyle or are new at the whole “healthy living” movement, read our short Camper’s guide on healthy living.

If you’re into team sports, you’ll be happy to hear that we have plenty of courts for exercising some team spirit! 1 hour of volleyball on the sand can leave you short of 234 calories, a football match or shooting some hoops will burn 477.

If you keep your body toned with aerobics, an hour will take down 477 calories, or if you enjoy the physicality and serenity of a yoga practice, you will shed 351 calories.

Outdoor types, hiking up to St. Vid will offer you amazing views, but also lose 405 calories, a little less than an hour of cycling along biking trails all along Pag.

Water sports and active holidays for families

One you’ve tried water sports holidays, there’s not turning back!

For those looking for some vitamin sea, as well a fun activity, trying surfing is a great way to lose 207 calories as well as learn a new skill. It’s the same with windsurfing, kayaking and stand up paddling – water sports are very exciting, you won’t even think about those 500 calories!

Families who love active holidays can pair up in a game of tennis, effectively shedding 414 calories each, or an hour of badminton that will cost someone a losing game, but both both 306 calories.

You can run into tomorrow, but if you don’t watch your diet, there will be slower results. When it comes to healthy camping food, you’re in luck! Mediterranean cuisine is packed with beneficial low-fat ingredients, all fresh and all healthy. You can find them in various combinations at one of our Camp’s restaurants.

Whichever activity you choose to keep yourself fit, there are a few tips to keep in mind while doing them. Avoid exercising during peak temperatures (noon till 3 pm), stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.

Now that you’ve checked out your favorite activities, it’s time to check them off! Book your vacation and enjoy your active holiday in Croatia!