Instead of waiting for the next few months for the summer to begin, cut it short with a perfect spring vacation in Šimuni. Check out how camping in spring could be your best spent holiday yet!

We already talked about how a spring camping trip to Šimuni is a good idea — great weather, no crowds and lower prices are just some of the advantages. Now it’s time to find out how to best use those spring vacation days in Croatia!

Lovely Plitvice Lakes

Visit the famous Croatian national park in spring and you’ll get the most beautiful views of turquoise waters and blooming nature. Also, the waterfalls are even more spectacular due to melted snow from winter months. Get there earlier in the day and use it to get to know each and every part of this impressive system of 16 cascading lakes that almost got to be the sight of filming Lord of the Ring’s Rivendell.

Uncrowded Coastal Cities

Zadar, Šibenik or Dubrovnik? Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you’ll witness the full glory of these cities with historical architecture and ever-present charm, but without the usual summer crowds. Imagine finding a parking spot in the first try, visiting all the sites you wanted without having to wait in long queues and ordering within 5 minutes you sat down at the restaurant table. And yes — you can finally have that perfect Instagram photo without all those people in the background.

Incredible Neighbouring Islands

When thinking about what to pack for Croatia in spring, a bathing suit may not be something that comes to your mind. But even if the temperatures are not high enough for a day at the beach, Croatian islands still offer a lot. Visit Rab’s charming old town, have a cave-exploring adventure on Krk or go to Ugljan and enjoy peaceful and stunning nature.

Adventurous Outdoor Activities

For the best spring camping experience in Croatia, you should definitely mix up relaxing activities with those that will pump more blood through your veins! Yes, you can spend your vacation tasting delicious wines in Istrian cellars, but Istria is also great for skydiving! If you prefer vacationing on the ground, you can join cyclists on Velebit or climbers on Risnjak and Paklenica. You can enjoy these national parks even if you’re not the sporty type because all of them are just as perfect for a casual walk.

So now you finally know all of our spring camping tips! Before coming to Croatia and having a perfect spring trip, make sure to check the opening hours of the facilities you want to visit and book the accommodation at Camping Village Šimuni.