Surrender to the magical scenery of the old city of Pag


The old stone city of Pag is the largest town on the island of Pag. It is a typical Dalmatian town on the shore, in which you can see old monuments on every step, taste traditional food and enjoy the wonderful nature.

The island of Pag is one of the most interesting islands of the Adriatic, and one of the places that makes it so interesting is the old town of Pag. A city full of historical sights, cultural events, beautiful nature and many other interesting things. If you happen to find yourself on the island of Pag this summer, be sure to take a stroll around the city as you’ll discover a multitude of incredible stories and locations. Here are a couple of them!

The entire city once moved

The old city of Pag is one of only a few cities in history that have physically changed their location. Due to its unfavorable position, Pag was constantly exposed to hostile attacks and strong winds. In order to prevent this, in 1443 the inhabitants decided to move the town three kilometers north, to a new place where Pag is located to this day.

It was designed by Juraj Dalmatinac

Juraj Dalmatinac is one of the most famous Croatian sculptors and builders, and during the construction of the city of Pag at a new location, he was in charge of building the defensive walls and fortresses. If you take a walk through the city, you can see the remnants of all those walls because some of their parts are still guarding the city.

Lace has its own gallery

The tradition of lacework on Pag dates back to the 15th century and is passed from generation to generation. To understand how important it is, you need to know that UNESCO included it on its list of protected heritage. If you want to learn the special way of creating majestic art from lace, visit Pag’s lace gallery that’s located at the Knežev dvor.

There is a museum dedicated to salt

Pag salt is one of the most coveted types of salt in the world, and the saltworks in which it’s produced is located at the very entrance to the city. In it, you can see how salt is being produced today, but if you want to see how it used to be produced, visit the salt museum located in the city’s former salt warehouses. There you’ll find out how old islanders produced it and which tools they used.

The city is near camp Šimuni

If you want to visit the town of Pag while you are on holiday in Camping Village Šimuni, you will be pleased to hear that it’s easily reachable. The town is located near the campsite – it’ll take you about 15 minutes if you decide to go by car or about two hours if you want to turn it into a fun adventure and walk to the city.


Now that you know what you can see in the city of Pag, all you need to do is book your ideal vacation in Camping Village Šimuni and start exploring!