Not only is off-season camping great if you like to have the camp all to yourself and still enjoy perfect weather, but it has plenty of exciting events you can participate in!

Ready, set, scuba!

If you’re a scuba diving enthusiast, we have the perfect thing, the fifth annual Scuba games! This two-day event takes place at Šimuni Camping Village, this year from May 26th till May 28th and includes fun diving games, concerts headlined by Zabranjeno pušenje on May 27th at 20:00h and prizes.

Come and test your underwater skills in orientation, brain games, target shooting and speed flapper swimming for a chance to win diving gear prizes worth 60.000,00 HRK!

Underwater orientation is a game designed for certified divers who will be organized into teams of two divers, and using a compass, must reach the designated place and back in the shortest possible time.

Also for certified divers and puzzle lovers, an underwater brain game which tasks divers to find mosaic parts and to put them together as soon as possible.

Target shooting is a super fun game for everyone who knows how to use a mask and a snorkel. If you have never held an underwater rifle in your hand, our instructors will show you.

Participating in the speed flapper swimming has only one condition – that you know how to swim! If you’re still not confident in your scuba skills, you can partake in the photo contest where you can win a beginners course in diving!

In addition to diving games, you will have the opportunity to test diving equipment from today’s best manufacturers. Our instructors will be ready to answer all your inquiries and demonstrate to you how to use on-site equipment. If you’re interested in the Diving games, you can sign up here!

Shimuni Open

Shimuni Open is the most awaited adrenaline event of the year. Come to this exciting international regatta happening from September 29th till October 1st and and witness spectacular windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and stand-up paddling. This year is its 10th edition, so expect a lot of surprises, as the cash prizes amount to 50.000,00 HRK and goods prizes to 40.000,00 HRK.

If you wish to compete and win cash prizes, you can do that in four disciplines – Shimuni extreme speed slalom, Shimuni high wind catamaran race, Shimuni kite wide open and Shimuni SUP race. During Shimuni Open you can enjoy many other entertaining activities. Amazing fireworks, fun raffles, volleyball tournaments, aquapark games, body painting, numerous concerts and an animation program.

Both Shimuni Open and Diving games are open for participation for both professionals and amateurs, so feel free to join in on the fun. If you’re coming with children, there will be organized programmes for children and babysitting so you can be at ease if you’re competing in the events.


If you’ve picked your favorite event, there’s always time to book your off-season vacation!

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