Find out all about the beautiful countryside of Croatia where you can experience life at a slower pace.

Visiting the coast or bigger towns is still the priority of most tourists that come to Croatia, but with many people aching to escape the hustle and bustle of modern cities, rural tourism is on a steady rise. 

This especially applies to visitors from foreign continents looking for what to do in Europe. Visiting a picturesque village with delicious food and cosy accommodation will make you feel the rural culture that is often overlooked when talking about European destinations!

Karanac, Baranja

Baranja is the most eastern region of Croatia, but that’s not its only extreme title — it’s also Croatia’s number 1 destination for rural tourism! Its most famous representative is ethno village Karanac, situated just 20 km from Osijek. The old Pannonian houses and family estates of this tiny settlement will remind you of forgotten times with live music, village cart rides, traditionally decorated rooms and authentic food such as čvarci, fiš (fish stew), sausages, čobanac (spicy meat stew) and various other delicacies

Other parts of Baranja are at an arms-length, so you can easily explore the nature park Kopački rit, visit the numerous wine cellars and wine roads, see the castle of Eugene Savojski in Bilje and the Habsburg family castle in Tikveš. 


Rastoke is a village near Slunj, located where the river Slunjčica flows into the river Korana. The waters created magnificent lakes, creeks and waterfalls which, coupled with the old traditional houses and water mills, make for an enchanting ambience. 

The river is home to cute otters and numerous fish, which you can also try — trout is their most popular delicacy, and it goes great with the traditional Rastoke bread made from freshly ground corn.

Kuterevo, Lika

Lika is the most sparsely populated Croatian region, known for its rough, yet exceptionally beautiful nature. Bound by the Velebit mountain, the green forests of Lika are full of wildlife, which you can see at the unique bear habitat Kuterevo. 

As for accommodation, you can stay in one of the stone houses of rural estates of Lika and enjoy the traditional recipes and wonderfully fresh, clean air. What a rest for the mind and soul!

Grožnjan, Istria

Truffles, traditional pasta, vineyards and olive orchards made Istria a mecca for agrotourism, which you can see in the medieval hilltop village of Grožnjan. The cobblestone streets are built of dark stone and filled with music, arts and crafts stores, making it probably one of the most beautiful villages in Europe. The delicious food and wine only make the view even better! 

Rural areas are especially gorgeous places to visit in the autumn or winter when snow covers the quaint hills and vast fields of inland Croatia. But no matter when you decide to go, one thing is for sure — you’ll be delighted by the rural culture and intact nature of our beautiful countryside.