Tips for how to go medieval camping

Tips & tricks

A unique and amazing experience, medieval camping is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at a life lived before you even existed!

Camping is certainly not an activity that originated in recent generations. Still, we can certainly see that, over time, it’s evolved according to the changes and needs of society. However, some people enjoy feeling a whiff of the past through camping modeled on medieval times. If you are a fan of the Middle Ages or just curious, maybe these tips will help you organize a weirdly spectacular medieval camping trip!

Get yourself a period tent

The first thing you need to do is buy a tent. But this time, you are not purchasing the classic camping tent you are used to. Instead, what you need is a medieval tent! If you are lucky enough to live in a big city, you may find it in specialty camping stores, but you always have the option of ordering it online. This kind of tent is the first step towards real medieval camping, and it quickly becomes the central place to hang out. Also, you’re sure to have fun while you’re setting it up. However, bear in mind that medieval tents are made of heavy fabric and that it’s best to transport them to the camping site on a vehicle.

Look for medieval camps

Search the camp offer and see if there is a medieval one near you. Believe it or not, there are themed camps, so if you are lucky enough, you may be able to find a place that fully nurtures the medieval lifestyle. But in case of a failed camp search, don’t give up! You can do your medieval camping in the wild or in any other camp if you put in a bit of effort.

Medieval interior

It would be best to have a warm sleeping bag to keep you warm at night. In addition, thick woolen blankets will help you stay warm as well. During the day, you can stack your sleeping bags and store them in a wooden chest or somewhere else to have more space in the tent. Also, a rug will help create a feeling of warmth in the tent. You can maybe find rugs in animal print to better give the impression of a medieval space. For a final touch, you can store your remaining items, such as clothes, equipment, etc., in jute bags reminiscent of the Middle Ages.

Medieval cuisine

You can also experience the Middle Ages with your kitchen equipment and dishes!! First of all, you need to find the perfect corner for your “kitchen” (people mostly choose the area right in front of the tent). Next, what you need is to make room for a campfire. That will be your spot for hanging out, but also for cooking tasty medieval dishes. That’s why you need to have a tripod, and a hook to hang a pot while the meal is cooking over a fire. As for cutlery, bring a small sharp knife, spoon, and cup, preferably a clay one, to have a real medieval atmosphere!

In addition, it’s a good idea to have a bucket of water in case of fire, a cutting board for food, and of course, a plate and bowl for each person. Also, determine where your dining room will be. As in many families today, lunch in the Middle Ages was also a part of the day that’s meant to be spent with your family. If you’re able, bring wooden chairs and a table for the perfect atmosphere. And before you go camping, use the internet and explore quick and easy medieval dishes that you can cook on your camping trip!

Candles everywhere

In the Middle Ages, apart from sunlight, the only light sources were wax candles and lanterns. These candles are exactly what will create a beautiful atmosphere and complete the medieval mood. Regardless, always bring an LED lamp or flashlight with you in case you need it, especially at night.

Medieval decoration

Small details are what make the space special. So before you go on your medieval camping trip, prepare those little things that will complete the look of your tent: various rugs, warm blankets, candlesticks, hanging lanterns, clay pots, decorations with hunting motifs, etc. You can probably look for some slightly medieval-looking items in your attic or basement, and for buying new ones — use the internet!

Nature’s washing machine

If you are camping somewhere near a lake or river — take advantage of it! Take a larger bowl with you, preferably a wooden one, to put in all your dishes after lunch. With this bowl, walk to the water and wash it just as women in the Middle Ages did. In addition to dishes, wash clothes, bedding, and rags in the river, and refresh yourself if you are camping in the summer (or brave enough all year round). As for the sea, it’s too salty for washing clothes, but it can be used for washing dishes!

Special advice

Get yourself some medieval clothes if you want to feel completely like you are in the Middle Ages. Look it up online, and before you go camping, make sure all family members or your friends have their clothes. It will probably be a bit funny at first, but this is precisely the detail that will make you feel like you’re leading the life that people led in the Middle Ages.

Going back in time is not yet possible, but you can feel a touch of the Middle Ages with just a bit of effort. There are cities with medieval camps, but also medieval festivals that you can visit even in Croatia. But if you don’t find such options, don’t give up! You can make yours with minimal effort, since this type of camping proves that a good experience does not require expensive modern technology. And if you have children, in addition to having a good time, you will educate yourself and your little ones about the way people lived before us. Give it a try!

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