Tips for staying cool in the summer while camping

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Find out how to keep your tent cool when temperatures start to rise!

Wondering how to stay cool in the summer? Go camping by the sea, of course! 

But, as you’re enjoying the seaside ways to keep cool, aka, the refreshing waves and sea breeze, the inside of your tent could be reaching unpleasantly high temperatures. As important it is to protect yourself from the sun, it is equally important to protect your living quarters from heat. 

Most campers don’t have camping tents with an AC, so they have to rely on other products to keep cool in extreme heat. Fortunately, camping is our forte, so here are some tips on how to cool a tent without electricity. 

Pitch your tent in the shade

When pitching your tent, take a good look at your camping spot, notice if there’s any shade and take the sun’s position into account. Ideally, the tent should be in the shade during the sun’s highest position. If there’s no shade, that’s okay. You can string up a canopy or a tarp and create artificial shade, it will work just as good.

Use the power of reflection

This one is a cool little trick that can do a lot for cooling down your tent. You have probably heard of reflective sheets that can be used to cool down or heat up a person. Well, they can do the same with tents! Use reflective tarps to keep the sun’s rays bouncing off the top of your tent. Suspend them a little above the top of your tent and it should help keep your quarters relatively cool. 

Take down the tent during the day

You’re probably spending your day outdoors, enjoying sports activities and nature — that’s what camping is all about, right? So, if you’re not in your tent, take it down during the high heat and set it back up in the evening. This way it won’t trap the hot air, but the fresh night air, and will help you stay cool at night.

Insulate with a tent footprint

Tarps are your best friends when camping. They’re so versatile and resilient, and can be used in a variety of ways. We recommend you always have a couple of tarps on hand while you’re camping, no matter whether you’re camping in hot weather or not. When it comes to cooling down the temperature inside your tent, putting something between yourself and the hot ground will help a lot. Try putting a tarp under your tent, or a footprint, or sleeping pad, anything that will stop the heat from transferring. 

We hope these tips will help you have a more comfortable stay in your tent. If you’re looking for more tips for a long-term camping trip, we have you covered!

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