10 Board Games for camping – What to look for when choosing

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Looking for the best travel board games to bring to your next trip? Here are some suggestions.

Camping is so much fun on its own – hiking, exploring, eating snacks all day, sleeping in your hammock – but it’s always good to have some camping games, especially when you are family camping. Games can keep the little ones entertained when it’s raining, but you don’t have to have kids or be a kid to enjoy games. Camp games are just another layer of fun and everybody can participate.

When you are deciding which camp board game to buy, make sure to have something small, easy to pack – put that Risk away – and that it can easily be played with more or less players, depending on the occasion and will of your companions. Also, don’t choose games that are too hard. Sure, bring a strategic game if you like them, but also pack some easy classics.

1. Yahtzee

Definitely a fun, simple game that can be played even if you are not quick with numbers and it’s equally engaging for all age groups.

2. Ludo or Sorry

A kids’ favourite, this is another simple game that can be played anywhere and doesn’t take up much space.

3. Uno

You can’t go camping without bringing Uno playing cards. This is one of the favourite picnic games and there are also fun new nature-themed designs if you want to change the standard old deck up a bit.

4. Connect Four

A great game that everyone liked playing when we were kids, and it’s so easy to pack. The only downside is that only two players can play at a time, but you can always take turns.

5. Chess

Even if nobody from your family or group of friends likes playing chess, chess lovers usually find another chess lover in a stranger – all it takes is to take the box out and start arranging the pieces.

6. Battleship

An oldie but a goldie, this is another two-player game that everybody likes to play (and peek when your opponent isn’t looking). This is also one of the best travelling board games that you can play on the road as nothing slips and slides.

7. Cards Against Humanity

A fun game for adults that is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and it’s suitable for a lot of players.

8. Mancala

This is a great strategic game that requires logic and math skills, but it is very practical for a camping trip as you can leave the marbles at home and play with any small items you find in nature, like stones, twigs, seeds or small shells.

9. Who Am I?

A fun game that involves no preparation – you just need a few pieces of paper and a pen and the guessing can begin. It’s good to set a category to choose from for every round so the players don’t lose interest if they can’t guess who they are.

10. Pictionary

This game can be especially fun for kids who like drawing, and if you are creative, you don’t even need to bring the actual game, but only papers and crayons.

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