Top 10 things to take on your camping vacation

Tips & tricks

A holiday is an exciting event, especially if you plan on camping. Whether you’re going on your first camping vacation or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to camping essentials.

Playing cards/Family games

Nothing says relaxation like a game, be it on the beach or after a lovely dinner. Bring a deck of cards, Monopoly or Scrabble and enjoy some fun board game bonding or leave the entertainment part to our animation teams. There are loads of activities for unforgettable family fun!

First aid kit

Active vacations make for a great holiday and amazing memories, but hiking, rock climbing, windsurfing and jet-skiing can result in a couple of bumps and bruises. Before you embark on your next adventure, pack a first aid kit to take care of every scratch.


Summer days are long so you can count on sunlight till half past nine in the evening, but if you’re not an early sleeper or you can’t live without midnight snacks, bring a lantern  because it can get pitch black. Or bring a flashlight if you want to scare your kids with spooky campfire stories.


Rope has hundreds of uses – from securing your tent to using it for hanging your lantern, hang fruit to protect it from ants or as a clothes line. For true camping indulgence, use it to string your hammock between two trees and take an afternoon nap in the shade.

Camping stove and pots

If you enjoy cooking outdoors, don’t forget to bring a camping stove and some pots and pans. If, on the other hand, you’re not so enthusiastic about trying camping recipes on holiday, you can always enjoy freshly cooked mediterranean cuisine in our restaurants.

Hiking boots

Campers love the outdoors and are often avid hikers. If you’re one of them, pack your hiking boots and start planning your next excursion on Pag, known for its many hiking routes, trails, paths and peaks just waiting to be conquered.


Whether it be lighting your lantern, stove or a fire for a delicious barbecue dinner, you’re going to need something to start a fire. To be safe, option for some waterproof matches.

Insect repellent

Taking a break in the great outdoors and becoming one with nature is truly a one of a kind experience, but there are a few things that could be bugging you during your holiday. Keep away flies, mosquitoes and other little buggers by making sure you’ve packed an insect repellent.


Vacationing in new surroundings is so exciting because there are so many things and places to discover. So exciting, people sometimes forget to charge their phones. No worry, there were ways of getting around even before Google maps. Just be sure to pack a map of the area and a compass.

Tent and extra stakes

As it often happens, people tend to forget to pack that what’s most important, so last, but not least, try not to forget your camping gear. Pack your tent and extra stakes if the first ones accidentally bend, a sleeping pad and sleeping bag. If you’re not sure how to pitch a tent, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our beginner’s guide on setting up a tent.

Now that you have a checklist of camping essentials, go ahead and book your own camping pitch!