Top 5 hiking trails in Croatia for an active holiday

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If you’re looking for a hiking holiday, look no further than a hiking trip in Croatia.

Hiking is one of the healthiest active holidays choices. Here’s what you’re in for if you plan to visit Croatia on your next hiking trip. 

Makarska – Makar – Kruška – Štrbina – Babina Vrklja – St. Jure

You can’t take a hiking trip to Croatia without visiting Biokovo, a massive mountain range that overlooks the Dalmatian coast. This 7-hour trek is a difficult, but the lookout points alone make this a trail worth taking. The highest point of Biokovo mountain is St.Jure at 1762 meters and offers views as far as Italy.

Velika Paklenica canyon – Anića luka – Lugarnica – Paklenica Mountain Lodge

Compared to some hiking trails on this list, this one in Paklenica National Park is considered easy. It’s only 6 kilometers, but there is so much to see! Old mills, the impressive canyon of Velika Paklenica, karst landscape and its flora and fauna. You’ll get to see the magnificent Anića kuk, the largest rock of Velebit, that’s been towering and challenging climbers for centuries. The trail ends at Paklenica mountain hut, a perfect place for your well-earned rest. 

Velebit – Premužić trail

Experiencing Croatia’s largest mountain is a delight for any hiker. The best way to get to know Velebit is to take the Premužić trail, a 57-kilometre trail that cuts through northern and central Velebit. This trail is excellent for beginners because there is no steep terrain, the elevation difference between its highest and the lowest point is only 700 meters. It is also unique in the way it was constructed — using only drystone technique.

Plitvica lakes – Medveđak trail

Plitvica lakes are one of the oldest national parks in Croatia. It’s famous for emerald lakes, waterfalls and beautiful dense forest. The best trail hikers can take is Medveđak, a 4-6 hours long hiking trail that leads right through the beech forest and gives the best reward when completed — an absolutely amazing panoramic view of a part of Plitvice lakes, Mala Kapela and Lička Plješivica. 

Via Dinarica

“The world’s top trekking destination” according to National Geographic, Via Dinarica has something for hikers of different levels and their preferences. It has three parallel trails, all exploring the Dinarides from different perspectives: the Blue trail includes the Croatian coast, the White trail connects the highest peaks, and the Green trail swerves through the green continental parts of the Dinarides. 

If you’re looking for an easier hiking trail, we suggest conquering Pag’s St. Vid at 348 meters.  There are a couple of trails leading to Pag’s highest peak, and the views are worth the 1,5 hour climb. 

After an exhausting hike, it’s best to reward yourself with a bit of relaxation. How does a bit of sun, sea and local cuisine sound? Book your stay at Camping Village Šimuni and plan your next hiking holiday!