Top 6 tips on how to make camping cozier

Tips & tricks

Camping, especially in the fall or winter, can be perfectly cozy if you put in just a little bit of effort!

There are many ways to make your camping cozy. In addition to equipment and clothing, various accessories can make your tent or bungalow a cute place that’s hard to leave!

Comfortable equipment

The first way to make your camping cozy is to bring comfortable gear. If you are camping in the fall or winter, bring warm clothes, winter sweaters, a scarf, gloves, and anything that warms you up quickly! But to feel comfortable inside the tent or bungalow, bring a quality, warm and soft sleeping bag. In addition to making you sleep better at night, the cozy bag can be a place to rest after lunch or watch a movie after dinner. You can make your camping time even more comfortable by bringing warm and soft blankets that you can put on while drinking tea, or take them with you in a sleeping bag. A pillow is another thing that can make your camping a lot more comfortable, especially if you sleep in a tent or vehicle. Also, by adding rugs, you will have a more comfortable floor and a much warmer atmosphere!


The perfect and easy way to create a cozy atmosphere on your camping trip is by building a campfire! This way, you will warm up and create a pleasant atmosphere and an opportunity to hang out with friends or family. Also, by using the fire, you can cook dinner or enjoy a cup of hot tea. A perfect moment to take a photo that will become a cherished memory! However, if you light a fire in nature, always be careful with the flame and be sure to put it out thoroughly before returning to your tent or bungalow.

LED lights, solar lights, and scented candles

We all know that a place becomes cozy the moment we turn on some LED lights. This idea is perfect for vehicles, in which people often camp. Most of these LED lights do not need electricity, only batteries, which is why you can take them to a tent, bungalow, or vehicle you are traveling in. If you are going to spend most of your time outside, then bring solar light stakes. In addition to helping you see the way to the tent at night, they will create a cozy atmosphere, especially if you are not a fan of the dark. Scented candles are the perfect cozy solution for cottages and bungalows. Not only will the light create a peaceful atmosphere, the scent will also make the space much more comfortable!

On the other hand, if you find yourself in a situation where you do not have candles, there are many alternatives. One of the most popular ones is the candle made out of orange and vegetable oil. First, slice the orange in half and carefully scoop it out with a metal spoon, leaving the center stem piece intact. Next, add some vegetable oil and light the stem piece. Thanks to this trick, you will have a candle burning for up to 5 hours! 

Spending time in nature

Camping in the summer or fall means that you can spend most of your time outdoors. Luckily, tips for making your camping cozy are not reserved only for tents and bungalows! One of the best camping decisions is to bring a hammock. It is very comfortable, fun, relaxing, and quickly becomes the favorite spot of your camping trip. While laying in it, you can read a book, drink a cocktail or lie down and watch the stars in the sky. If you are not a fan of hammocks, you can always bring folding chairs to place in front of the tent, by the lake, or by the river. With chairs, a small table, and a couple of good friends, you can very easily create a small living room in the middle of the woods!

Delicious food

It is rightly said that love goes through the stomach, so don’t skip on good food. Instead, make your camping enjoyable with hot meals, desserts, and a glass of wine. An evening by the campfire while the stew is cooking sounds very cozy, doesn’t it? Give it a try. Camping and cooking over the campfire is the perfect opportunity to try new flavors and enjoy unique dishes that you can cook together with friends and family. A good tip is to take your favorite snacks with you so you can take a few bites while watching a movie, wrapped in a warm sleeping bag with your partner.

A tiny piece of home

We all own some items that make our space more cozy and beautiful. Some of these items are functional, some have unique stories, and some are “just” decorations. If they are small and practical items, it is a great idea to take them with you and bring a part of your home into a new space. Whether it’s a plush toy, a favorite lamp or a comfy onesie, bring something that will remind you of the space you love! It’s free of charge, and can significantly improve the vibe of your tent or bungalow.

Camping does not have to be an experience spent in an uncomfortable and empty tent. We hope this list has brought you some new ideas for your next camping trip. With just a little effort and a few minor details, your tent or bungalow can become a cute cozy place to enjoy all day long. Give it a try!

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