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Camping Village Šimuni lies on the south side of the island of Pag, surrounded by pine trees and Oleander flowers. It's one of the most amazing camps in Croatia and a place where you'll find laughter, joy, happiness and entertainment.

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Experience the adventure of a lifetime on the most unusual Croatian island

On one side surrounded by the mesmerising Adriatic Sea and on the other by beautiful pine trees, Camping Village Šimuni will show you the magic of camping on Pag, an unusual island shaped like a moon that's a home to some of the oldest olive trees in the world.

The island of Pag

Sun, wind and the smell of the Mediterranean in the heart of Europe, that's what the island of Pag is all about. This island is a haven of a unique Maditerranean culture, with exquisite food, excellent wine and hospitable people.

Pag is the most unusual island in the Adriatic. In his dense forests and turquoise bays, you'll find loads of fun, excitement and adventure.

Pag is an island you'll absolutely fall in love with, constantly keep rediscovering it and always come back to it!


hours of sunshine a year

Info desk

Camp Šimuni's info desks are located at the reception and near the Šimi club. At info desks you can sign up for numerous trips, arrange transportation and find out all the information about activities and events in the camp, as well Croatia.

Emergency room

If you need medical assistance, immediately contact the reception, so we could transport you to the emergency rooms located in Novalja and Pag. In case of emergency feel free to call reception at +385 23 697 441.

Laundry room

Laundry room is located at the sanitary facility 1, near the camp entrance and market Luka. You can buy tokens for washing and drying clothes at one of two info desks. The price of a token is 50 kn.

Repair service

Professional repair service is available to you throughout the year. If you have any problems with your accommodation, contact the reception as soon as possible.

Free internet

Camp Šimuni is covered by a wireless internet network that's free for all guests. You can access it by selecting the 'CampingSimuni' WiFi connection and choosing 'Free Access'.

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