National parks

Book an excursion at Camping Village Šimuni and discover the natural beauty of Croatian national parks.

Visit Plitvice lakes

Spend a day at the biggest national park in Croatia, stroll around its forest trails and get to know all 16 of its lakes.

Excursion price: from 52 € per person

Meet Krka

Magical waterfalls and majestic nature are only a part of the beauty you can discover in national park Krka.

Excursion price: from 51 € per person

Experience the beauty of Kornati

Go on an unforgettable cruise through mid-Dalmatia and visit the unique islands that make the national park Kornati.

Excursion price: from 46 € per person

Take a stroll around Paklenica

Visit one of the most attractive hiking destinations in Croatia and conquer its high peaks.

Excursion price: from 40 € per person

Explore Northern Velebit

Embark on a unique mountain adventure and take a trip to the Northern Velebit national park.

Excursion price: from 47 € per person

Prices are strictly informative.

Book an excursion

At Camping Village Šimuni we can also organise private transports and take you to needed destinations. To get more information about prices, programmes and reservations, visit the info desk at the reception of camp Šimuni or contact us by email

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