Fun camping activities for kids

Camping is a great way for kids to spend their school break outdoors, learning new things and being active. This is what they could be doing while you vacation in Camping Village Šimuni.

Vacationing with your kids means thinking about their needs and planning activities they will enjoy. In Camping Village Šimuni, we are aware of the importance of family time, but also the significance of activities created exclusively for children. Here are a few fun activities that will leave your children with beautiful memories and you with plenty of time and nothing to worry about.

Parks on land and sea

The campsite has three children’s parks that have plenty of space for your little ones to run around on and test their climbing skills. Right on the Golden beach, your kids (and you, if you’re up for it) can splish and splash on our 14-element aquapark. We regularly hold aquapark competitions so the kids can compete in fun races and some great prizes.

Outdoor sports

Children like to be active and at Camping village Šimuni, there is a sport for everyone. Your child can take tennis lessons, play soccer or table tennis, or enjoy a game of beach volleyball. If your child loves being in the sea, there’s plenty of guided sailing sports like windsurfing, catamaran sailing or kayaking, as well as paddleboats for a family ride along the coastline and plenty of tubes, bananas and wakeboards for a fun ride to remember. For an exciting underwater adventure, kids can take a Discovery dive in the Foka diving center and witness sunken ships.

Creative workshops

There are lots of activities that enable your child to take on different roles – search for a hidden treasure chest on a pirate treasure hunt or become a fairy or tiger after a face painting session. Your little performer can express himself and show off his skills with a real stage performance or dress up as his favorite character and take part in a carnival.

Šimi Club

For our youngest guests, there’s Šimi Club, the happiest place in the camp with the best pajama parties. A place your children can play, interact with their peers, make new friendships and get to meet Šimi the sheep, the beloved mascot of Šimi Club. In Šimi Club, children can participate in educational workshops, board games, interactive performances and didactic games. Your little videogame enthusiasts will feel just like at home because we have a Playstation and Wii with their favorite games. We also organize Šimi disco, a kid-friendly party where they can dance to their favorite songs.  

All of the activities are carried out under the guidance of experienced animators, and animation is organized in Croatian, English, German, Italian and Slovenian.


With all these fun activities waiting for you at the Camp, all you have to do is book your vacation!