Halloween camping: tips and ideas

Tips & tricks

Looking to have a spooky and fun Halloween camping trip with your family this October? Check out this article for tips on how to make it a success!

Want to treat your kids to something super exciting? Halloween camping will do the trick! Think about the spooky stories told around the campfire, the smell of marshmallows, and the look on your kids’ faces when they hear something rustling in the bushes. That’s how great memories are made! Follow our tips and ideas for organizing your Halloween camping and have the most fun family trips ever!

5 tips for a successful Halloween camping trip

#1 Bring extra flashlights and batteries

After those spooky stories, nobody will want to sit in the dark. So, bring some extra flashlights and encourage your kids to look for “monsters” around the tent. They will feel like brave explorers, and what do brave explorers deserve? Some extra Halloween candies!

#2 Bring plenty of food and snacks

Candies: checked! Because what’s Halloween without some sweet snacks? Pack a generous amount of food, but keep the theme in mind — it’s time for strange flavours and spooky shapes!

#3 Try out Halloween-themed games

Explore nature by following some “haunted” path or make a Halloween tent decorating contest. Also, good old pumpkin carving can keep the kids entertained for hours. Not to mention that their pumpkins alongside the tent will make up a beautiful photo-shooting scenography! For some additional entertainment, you can always try out our group programs.

#4 Bring a camera

You’ll want to capture all those fun moments, and, of course, your phone camera will do the trick just fine, but if you have a camera, be sure to bring it with you. Also, you can check out our camping photography tips for creating perfect holiday memories!

#5 And, most importantly, have fun!

Enjoy nature, bond with your family, and last but not least — have fun because that’s what’s Halloween all about! 

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