How to guide for camping with dogs

If this is your first time going camping with your furry friend, we’ve prepared a few tips for an enjoyable vacation at Camping Village Šimuni alongside your furry friend!

Accommodation & fun

Dogs are more than pets, they are a part of the family, so at Camping Village Šimuni, all pets are allowed to stay in mobile homes and bungalows alongside their owners.

Not only are they welcome in the Camp, but dogs have beach areas dedicated for their seaside enjoyment. White Seagull beach and Two Sailors beach have special spots for dogs and pets. Two Sailors beach is located on the eastern end of camp Šimuni, and White Seagull beach is right at the Camp’s Punta.

Safety & documentation

Because safety comes first, dogs in the Camp should always be on a leash. This prevents your dog from wandering off and getting lost. We also shouldn’t forget about all the other guests in the Camp, who maybe have a fear of dogs or are not comfortable around them.

If you’re traveling from abroad, make sure your dog has all the necessary papers, most importantly, a valid passport.

Hygiene & supplies

After a day at the beach, it’s time for a bath! Your can wash your pooch in sanitary facilities 1 and 2 where we have a block dedicated exclusively for pet washing.

Everybody likes a clean Camp, so as we ask you not to litter, we will ask you to always pick up your dog’s droppings. If you run out of bags for collecting droppings, our info desk has plenty of supplies for your dog’s potty breaks.

Health & wellbeing

Water is important at any season, but even more so during summer heats. Make sure your dog has plenty of water. If you forgot your pet’s water bowl, don’t worry. You can buy one at the Camp’s info desk.

Before going camping, visit your veterinarian and talk to him about your camping trip so he can make sure your dog is properly vaccinated for Šimuni. It’s also mandatory for your dog to be chipped, in case your pet wanders of.

Think of all the activities you will be doing with your dog at Camping Village Šimuni and collect items for a first aid kit accordingly. Most common injuries are to dogs’ foot pads. If you’re going hiking, prevent injuries to your dog’s foot with pad protectors or pack bandages. Even if your dog has a flea or tick repellent collar, he just might end up with a bloodsucker, so make sure you include tweezers in your kit. Last but not least, remember to pack your pet’s favorite toy!

In case of any emergencies, the nearest veterinary station is located in the city of Pag, at Splitska b.b. The working hours are from 7am till 2pm and you can reach them by calling 023/600-438. For all other questions, concerns, supplies or petting sessions, our Camp’s info desk is happy to help!


Now that you know all about camping with pets, book your perfect vacation in Camping Village Šimuni!