If you’re the kind of camper that can’t call it a holiday unless you’ve experienced something new and exciting, here are some activities you can try out to get your adrenaline pumping!

When it comes to vacationing, everybody’s got their own pace. Some people like to take it easy and relax in the shade, and there are those who see their holiday as a chance for new adventures. For the latter, we made a list of some of the most exciting water sports activities and activities on the beach to enjoy while on Pag. But this doesn’t mean our easygoing campers can’t participate – we have classes for every activity, from beginner to advanced!


The famous surfer Frosty Hesson once said: “If you’re having a bad day, catch a wave”. There’s nothing quite like surfing to make you feel good. Because of the camp’s position, there is wind throughout the entire season, on as many as 10 surf spots inside the camp. We’ve got windsurfing classes for all ages and skill levels, so don’t worry if you’re a beginner, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. The same goes for experienced windsurfers, there’s always room to learn a few new tricks.


Age is just a number when it comes to thrilling water slides! Water parks are a perfect way to spice up a day at the beach and make you feel like a kid again. Experience the true meaning of fun water activities and climb, bounce, slide, splash and defeat many inflatable obstacles in our Aquapark.

Scuba diving

Once you dive in and discover the world that lies on the seabed, chances are you’ll fall in love with your new lifetime adventure. Colourful reefs and swarms of sparkly fish, submerged ships and airplanes, amphoras and underwater caves are just a part of this otherworldly experience. Come to our diving club and check out offers for first-time divers, exciting night diving, group dives and diving to World War II wrecks!

Rent a boat

Ever dreamed of being the captain of your own boat? At Šimuni, you can! Rent a boat and spend the day exploring the north Dalmatian archipelago and Pag’s many beautiful bays.  Discover hidden beaches accessible only by sea and sunbathe in your own private heaven. So go ahead, take your friends and family for an excursion they will never forget, and spend a day gliding through the sea!

Jet ski

All water sports have a few things in common – a gush of wind in your hair, safe embrace of the warm sea and the feeling of freedom and oneness with nature. But only a few have the heart-racing, thrilling feeling of jet skiing. If you’re a heavy hitter when it comes to adrenaline sport, there’s no better activity than zig-zagging through the waves.


Cycling is a great way to explore any new place and Pag’s 115 km of well-maintained cycling trails and paths are perfect for doing just that. Discover all of its wonders, meet the locals and enjoy magnificent views of its unique landscapes. If you have yet to take your first cycling excursion, our animation teams leads cycling expeditions and adventures all over the island, and everyone’s free to join!

Rock climbing

If you feel like taking yourself on a strength, endurance, agility and balance training – try rock climbing. Camping Village Šimuni is the only camp in Croatia with an artificial rock and seven climbing routes which we change up daily, so that every day is a new adventure for our eager rock climbers. Of course, you don’t have to be an expert climber to conquer the rock, we have skilled alpinists who will help you learn climbing techniques.

Feeling pumped already? Book your stay at Pag and start checking off your favourites of the list!