Reasons Why You’ll Fall in Love With Camping in Autumn

Tips & tricks

Camping in the fall can be as great and magical an experience as camping at the height of summer. The sea might be a bit colder, the air somewhat chillier but there are many who prefer it that way - and you just might discover you're one of them!

Another big benefit of autumn camping is certainly fewer crowds and more space to stretch your legs, literally and figuratively. Even more than that, you just might get the feeling you have the entire beautiful nature and amazing vistas all to yourself.

And of course, there’s watching the leaves slowly turn from green to golden brown under the still warm sun and feeling the nature all around you slowly begin its preparation for the long winter sleep. There’s also chestnuts, which you can already roast on an open fire or enjoy a rich and creamy chestnut puree.

Long walks in nature, enjoying the spectacular view from the shore or from the top of a hill, visiting local museums and galleries, sampling amazing dishes and local wines – camping in the fall isn’t that different from summer. Just keep in mind that offseason camping also means checking the working hours – some places close just as the summer heat dies down but there’s still much on offer!

For those who love the sea, there’s not only swimming but also scuba diving at places like Camping Šimuni – our trained teachers will guide you in the discovery of sunken ships and beautiful seabed. And for lovers of sports, both as participants and as spectators, the event that shouldn’t be missed is Šimuni Open: a spectacular maritime extravaganza involving windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and stand-up paddling.

Autumn camping in a word: unmissable. And think of the photographs you will make and not only remember the beautiful moments but also be the envy of both your friends and your followers, once you post them on your Facebook or Instagram.

Camping in the fall is a perfect choice for a holiday – and where better to experience the joys of it than at Camping Šimuni.