Why is camping near the sea an ideal choice for your vacation?

Regardless of whether you travel alone, with friends or with the kids, camping by the sea is one of the best ways to can spend your vacation.

There are many reasons why camps and camping on the Adriatic are one of the most popular types of vacation, but our guests say that these four are the main ones that make them return to Šimuni year after year!

You’re surrounded by magnificent nature

As soon as you enter the camp, you will be greeted by incredible natural beauty that can only be found on the island of Pag. On one side, a dense pine forest full of oleander will provide you with shade, while fun and relaxation await on the other side – on Šimuni’s six beautiful beaches in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. You will not find this unique combination in any other place!

You can refresh yourself at any time

Considering that a large number of pitches, bungalows and mobile homes in Šimuni are located on the beach, you will never be more than a few meters away from the sea. This means that you can always jump in for a quick dip, freshen up, and then continue with the activities you’ve been doing as if nothing happened. This feeling is even better if you pick one of the pitchess placed in the first row next to the sea, and a quick morning jump into the water ends up being the first thing you do after waking up.

It’s great for your health and wellbeing

Positive effects of the mild Mediterranean climate on health are well known, and you will feel them all in Camping Village Šimuni. You can further enhance the effects of this special, Mediterranean combination of air, sea salt and nature by trying some of the many halotherapeutic treatments that are available in our camp, and that will completely relax you and relieve you of stress.

You can try lots of activities

Wellness treatments and relaxing at the beach are not the only activities available to you in Šimuni. Because the campsite is placed right next to the sea, you can try out a variety of water activities such as diving, sailing, jet skiing and kayaking or having fun at the Aquapark. If you’d rather stay on the ground, we have prepared cycling and hiking tours for you, as well as a host of team sports and exciting excursions.


Now that you know why camping near the sea is one of the best ways to enjoy your holiday, all you have to do is book a pitch, a bungalow or a mobile home near one of the beaches in Camping Village Šimuni!