If you are searching for gastronomic pleasures, let our restaurants be your first choice.

Pescaria tavern

For anyone who loves fish and seafood, there is no better place than the Pescaria tavern. Visit this authentic Dalmatian tavern, relax and enjoy the flavours of the Adriatic.

Carpaccio with smoked tuna and salted anchovies, Octopus salad, Fish soup Stew (shrimp, mussels), Fried fish (squid, sprat, smelt, sardines, fritura, hake), Grilled fish (sardines, mackerel, squid, stuffed squid), Meal with a side dish (tuna, flounder, shark, swordfish, sea bass, sea bream, bream, shrimp), Fish plate, Risotto, Pasta, Gnocchi, Salads, Various desserts

Working hours: 12:00-23:00

Pizzeria Kaštel

Situated near the beach, pizzeria Kaštel is an ideal place to enjoy the specialties of Italian cuisine. Here you'll find more than 30 types of pizzas and a large selection of salads.

FREE DELIVERY: 00385 91 4817 046 / 12:00 -22:30 h

Working hours: The working hours range vary from low to high season.

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