In the age of the Internet and video games, sometimes it is good to remember those entertaining traditional outdoor games. See which five you can play with your kids this summer!

Children have been spending more and more time in front of the computer, and less and less time outside. To make sure you and your kids have the time of your life during your stay in Camping Village Šimuni, we decided to share with you five incredibly entertaining outdoor camping games that you can play together with your kids!

Treasure hunt

If you want to bring your kids’ treasure hunts to a whole new level, check out the activities of our animation team who organise lots of entertaining games on a daily basis. Hide the treasure, place clues, draw a map, and embark on an exciting adventure with your kids. There are hundreds of places where you can hide treasures in Camping Village Šimuni, so the search for it will be a completely new and entertaining experience every single time.

Capture the flag

If you want to make playing tag even more entertaining and interesting, split into two groups, set a base for each of them and put one object in the middle of each base to represent the flag. The goal of this game is to run to the base of the other team, take their flag and then bring it back to your base without being caught by the members of the other team. If they manage to catch you while you’re carrying the flag, you must drop it and return to your base. Each time a team succeeds in bringing the flag of the opposing team to their base, they get 1 point, and the winner is the team that getto 5 points first.

Camping Olympics

Camping Olympics are a set of simple games that can be adapted for kids of every age. Games can be various – from something standard as running, swimming, or jogging, to completely random games such as finding the longest stick, setting a record in stone skipping, or any other fun game that comes to your mind. In each of the games, the contestants collect points for the first, second and third places, and the overall winner is the one who has the most points when all the competitions are done.

Noah’s ark

Noah’s ark is best described as a more entertaining version of memory. Gather your kids, sit in a circle and start playing. The first person in the circle will say “I’m going on Noah’s ark and I’m bringing…” and says an animal that begins with the letter A. The second person in the circle will then repeat the name of the animal the first person said and add an animal that starts with the letter B. The third person repeats the names of the first two animals and adds an animal whose name starts with C. The game continues until one player makes a mistake in the order. That player is out of the game, while the others continue until there’s only one player left in the game.

Cloud gazing

Although this might not seem overly interesting at first, cloud gazing is one of the most creative games you can play with your kids. All you have to do is find an empty spot on the beach, lay down on a towel with your kids, find a cloud that looks like a thing and then say, “I see the cloud that looks like …”. The others will then need to guess exactly which cloud are you talking about. Whoever guesses it first, continues the game.