8 tips that’ll make your camping as comfortable as possible

Tips & tricks

Camping is an incredibly exciting activity and an excellent choice for your next vacation, and with these 8 tips, your camping experience will be even more enjoyable.

Find the right tent

Although it may at first seem completely irrelevant which camping tent you take, this is actually not true. There are many types of tents and each has its own specialty – some are easy to fold, some are ideal for summer while others are perfect for winter, some are totally resistant to rain, some can fit only two people, while others can fit the whole family. After you choose where, when and with whom you’ll go camping, choose the appropriate tent for your trip. After you choose a tent, don’t forget to take stakes and a hammer – you’ll need them in order to firmly secure your tent.

Take an extra mattress

When packing, throw a small mattress or a thicker mat into your backpack. If the ground on which you set your tent is uneven or coarse, place the mattress under the sleeping bag and you’ll sleep much more comfortably in the tent. That also means you’ll wake satisfied and in a good mood, and that’s always a big plus.

Bring a tarp – just in case

Tarp is a great thing and you should always have one with you when you go camping, because there are a number of ways you can use it. If the ground is wet, you can place it under the tent, and if it rains, you can put in on top. Tarp is also great for sun protection because you can tie it to a tree and create a large shaded area.

Pack just the clothes you’ll need

Although you have to prepare for unplanned situations when packing, try to limit yourself to packing only those articles of clothing that you will surely wear. If you are planning on camping during the summer, take mostly light clothes with you, and just a few warmer pieces in case it gets cold or rain starts falling. On the other hand, if you camp in the winter, you certainly won’t be walking around in shorts and swimsuits, so you can take that out of your backpack.

Don’t forget the hammock

There are only a few things better than resting in a hammock, so make sure to take one with you on a camping trip and tie it to the nearest tree as soon as you get a chance. See how to set up the perfect hammock.

Arm yourself with bug spray

When you go camping, you will probably spend most of your day outdoors, so be sure to bring bug spray to defend yourself against the attacks of those pesky insects. Also, keep your tent closed all the time to prevent them from entering.

Always carry a rope, a carabiner and a headlamp with you

Just like tarp, ropes, carabiners and lamps are incredibly useful items that are good to have by your side. You never know when you may need them, so when you go camping, always carry at least one of each – just in case.

Check where the nearest equipment stores are located

In case you forget to take some of these items with you, it’s good to know where you can buy them. Before you go camping, check out the area and locate the nearest stores with camping equipment. If you come to Šimuni and realise that you didn’t take an important item, you can buy it at our Camp Shop. To be best prepared, sea our 10 most important items to bring when camping.


Now that you know how to make your camping experience even more enjoyable, all you have to do is book your ideal vacation in Camping Village Šimuni and relax surrounded by majestic nature!